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Added a comment about feature Win Sombrio and Truvativ Gear - Vital OTB, Val di Sole 8/19/2011 10:13 PM

Gwin: 3:10:87
Pugin: 3:53:45

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Added a comment about feature Win a Saddle and Post Prize Pack from SDG - Vital OTB, La Bresse 8/6/2011 8:35 PM

Gwin: 2:05:67
Moseley: 2:37:46

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Added a comment about feature Win a Fox Racing Downhill Kit - Vital OTB, Windham 7/9/2011 6:50 PM

Gwin: 2:26:67
Pugin: 2:57:53

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox BoXXer World Cup - Vital OTB, Fort William 6/1/2011 4:04 PM

Aaron Gwin: 4:34.12 GO USA!
Rachel Atherton: 5:10.69

Thanks Vital For A SICK Contest!

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Added a new video Go Pro Chest Mount Run of Me 5/10/2011 6:58 PM

Another run in paradise. . . edit by Matt Sommers

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Henry_Young left a comment 11/21/2010 10:07 PM

hey man. vital mtb friends haha tobad no one else is on here.

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Added a product review for Race Face Atlas 35 Handlebar 11/16/2010 3:48 PM

Good bar...


The Good: this bar is way light. wide enough to keep everyone happy. anodizing is done very well and is very resistant to scratching. looks great with the 2010 graphics. great color options (im running the tooth blue). also its extremely stiff.

The Bad: bend is 4x8 not 4x9. half an inch rise is a little too low for me, i would have liked to see a couple options for height.

Overall: if you havent tried wide bars and a low front end, your way behind the curve. it is way better if you ride fast or want more control or stability.

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Added a product review for MRP Mini G2 SL Chainguide 11/16/2010 3:41 PM

Superb Guide!


The Good: set and forget solid construction made in the USA! doesnt drop chains or get jammed its way lighter than a gulde/bashguard set up. boomerang is solid and absorbs impact without slowing you down SILENT

The Bad: nothing at all....

Overall: great guide, expensive but way worth it. buy it its made in the USA by people who know what they are doing.

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Added a product review for Crank Brothers 5050 XX Flat Pedal 11/16/2010 3:36 PM

great pedal


The Good: they are very durable they look great stiff and strong spindle fully sealed they are customizable feel good- wide and big platform with concavity fully rebuildable with rebuild kits available

The Bad: the pins are somewhat cheap and get crushed. a bit heavy and large, but its a solid durable pedal.

Overall: these are a great pedal and if something does go wrong crankbrothers has an awesome 2 year warranty.

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yo henry what up

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Added a comment about video Fontana's Predator Night DH Race 11/15/2010 7:30 PM

That was super fun! the course was well lit, flowy, and fast. the event was also well organized, but like always, the shuttle line sucked.

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