Added a new video SPIDERWORX (Nomad Vs Enduro In Surrey Hills) 11/1/2014 6:22 AM

Santa Cruz Nomad Vs Specialized Enduro & Mouthful of Spiders Riding The Surrey Hills... The Surrey Hills are riding’s worst kept secret but we love riding there, because its easy to get to, fantastic rider community and the best trails, which thanks to the great British weather offer a new challenge every time you go out. However while we make half decent music videos car films for a living, we realise nobody want to see us, despite how much fun we might be having, making a meal of our favourite trails, so We’ve teamed up with Zac Blackwell and Dan Sibbick British Downhill riders and locals to make series of films to celebrate our favourite hills and the last of the summer sun. Why have we called our first film SPIDERWORX? well anyone who’s ridden Pitch, Holmbury and Leith Hills at the end of British summer and ended up with a eyeful or mouthful of both will know exactly why. The spiders may not be as big those found in more exotic climbs but they more than make up for this lack size in numbers and strategic cross trail positioning of their webs. We hope you enjoy the watch and keep an eye for our next instalment : )

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Added a new video Santa Cruz Bronson Surrey Hills Teaser 5/27/2014 4:56 AM

Short teaser for film in production

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Added a new photo album Specialized Stump Jumper FSR EVO Carbon 29er 5/27/2014 4:12 AM
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_4
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_5
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_6
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_7
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_8
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_9
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_10
  • C48_specialized_stumpjumper_sn_wsbc6040924941_11

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Added a new video Beaten Tracks (Part 1) 5/27/2014 3:56 AM

A film I recently produces about fast muddy trail riding in the Surrey Hills (UK)

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Added a new photo album Liteville 301 Mk 11 6/12/2013 12:53 AM
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m_1
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m_2
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m_3
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m_4
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m_5
  • C48_liteville_301_mk11_m_6

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