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I didn't know Five-Ten made tires too.

Added a comment about video Enduro Finds Its Sense of Humor 1/30/2014 10:55 AM

ya i'm never gunna hear that song the same again. I also really wish i knew what they said at the end. THAT WAS GREAT!

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best purchases -trek stache! -chris king hubs -shimano slx brakes -shimano saint cranks -odi crosstrainer grips -tailgate pad worst stuff -fly kinetic gloves. started falling apart on the first day -shimano xt chain. broke on the first week of riding ... more »

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that was the best video ive seen in a while!

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There is a way to get the tires off real easy its a trick i learned working at a shop that does allot of work on bontrager wheels. first you want to break the bead on both sides then slide the bead twards the center of the rim all the way around the wheel then pull on one particular spot then put a lever in and it should break free real quick and easy. and as far as the "plastic" rim strip they are in my opinion the MOST reliable system on the market and very light (lighter than most tape jobs) I have had this setup on my duster wheels for about 3 years with no problems and no leaks at all. as far as tape for me im lucky if it last me 6 months before going bad. If anything the way it sets up tubeless should be a strong point with these wheels!

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Added a comment about video Andreu Lacondeguy POV: Red Bull Rampage 2013 11/6/2013 2:00 PM

custom left handed shifter is interesting...I guess when you are as good as Lacondeguy you can get just about anything made. hopefully a production model comes out I know a few riders that would like that. Sick run Lacondeguy shred on!

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holy sketchy top cap not sitting properly

Added a comment about photo Brandon Semenuk's Winning Bike and Red Bull Joyride Run 8/18/2013 9:09 AM

wow no chain guide....still not used to seeing that!

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I'm gunna go for a wild card and say rocky mountain.

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Added a comment about video Crazy Wallride Overtaking at 4X Revelations 8/5/2013 9:00 AM

man that made my day and i havent even been up for 20 minutes yet. makes me want to race 4x even more than i already do!!....why cant 4x come back to socal?

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i love the nasa shirt

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Updated bike check My custom built Norco Truax 7/14/2013 9:24 PM
Added a comment about product review Tested: Profile Elite MTB Hubs 7/14/2013 9:22 PM

man i already wanted some of these for my dh bike now i realy want em

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looks like a stumpjumper

Added a product review for MRP G3 Chainguide 6/24/2013 10:33 PM

MRP G3 from Tazer255's opinion


The Good: The guide is a huge improvement from the G2. the hinged uper and lower guides are very nice and make for easy chain install

The Bad: bolts are very weak. I went to torque to specific torque value provided by MRP however the head snapped off. MRP replaced in a very quick and professional manner


The guide is a huge improvement over their previous one the G2 and has allot of cool features. the bolt kinda sketched me out when i was torquing to their own specs the head snaps of (Bad bolt of the line i suppose). would be nice to be able to use any chainlube you want rather that "MRP approved ones" kinda annoying.  I have been having a real problem with finding a chain lube that works here in socal that doesn't dry out that also works with this guide.  If you are looking for an improvement over your G2 but don't want to run anything other than MRP than this is a great upgrade and it is also very light.  The guide is also alot more dependable than the G2 and other comparable E-thirteen guides.  Also it is allot quieter  with improvements such as a little rubber on the bottom of the top guide which also protects the guide i feel.  It is also very quick easy to install.  I would have no problem giving it 5 stars even with the broken bolt like i said earlier it was probably just a bad bolt it happens whatever, but i really wish that i can use chainlubes other than white lightning.  The only reason i bought is because I liked my G2 so much and it broke due to using the wrong chainlube.  I woulda bought another brand due to the chainlube problem however i was misled "by another reviewer on another website" to think that I could use whatever lube i wanted on it.

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Added a comment about photo Aaron Gwin's FOX RAD DH Shock 6/7/2013 11:37 AM

That's pretty rad looking

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