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RF belongs to fox. Why would fox want Marz? Xfusion should buy them for their patents or DNM should to use the name to get into the mainstream.

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Added a product review for 2014 Trek Remedy 7 27.5/650b 3/22/2015 8:16 PM

Sweet, but a little too short so size up


The Good: Good baseline components. Looks good. Very fun ride. It climbs well and descends as well as longer travel bikes I've ridden. Pops and plays making any two a lot of fun.

The Bad: The drcv shock needs a push mod to not bottom out. The frame is a bit shorter than average so you should upsize or the bike won't ride right. The fork is not query as nice as a pike, but for the price point I've had worse.

Overall: I love mine now that I've installed the Push volume spacer in the rear shock. I usually ride an 18" frame but I went with a 19 and am glad I did. I recommend this bike as long as you are willing to fix the rest shock.

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Nifty. I'll keep an eye out for those afterburners a fee yeats from now when I want so new wheels

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Added a comment about news blog USAC HATES YOU EVEN MORE - All UCI-Licensed Riders Subject To Fines & Suspension For Racing Non-Sanctioned Events 12/31/2013 9:25 AM

Down with UCI!

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We've got a Vital forum post celebrating those taking a stand against the UCI! Chime in with your thoughts here -,2/The-UCI-The-Empire-Strikes-Back,7045

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i want to see his bike... that was vicious. that's one massive drop to case.

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"Perhaps due to the all-carbon construction of the lever assembly there is a bit of flex in the levers." So is carbon rigid for flexy? I keep getting competing theories.

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Added a comment about news blog Dave Weagle Sues Giant for Patent Infringement 5/6/2013 11:34 AM

Patents are good in that they protect innovators, and five years of protection gives them time to profit. Once the patents expire new innovation can built on top of the original innovation without driving up costs. When I have to pay thirty people to use something they invented 20+ years ago before I can innovate then i will not even try. The only guys that can afford to try will be the big boys who have millions to spend. it reduces competition and therefore stifles innovation. Want an example: the electronics industry. That iphone would be $50 and be competing against 1000 products that were just as good, instead of a half dozen who compete for the other half of the market share that apple doesn't control.
Looking at bikes, there are a few huge players who own the majority of the patents and the rest of the companies get to kneel at their feet. Everyone asks does it have sram of shimano kit. Why? Because they own the patents. Race face has to charge more to do anything because they have to pay shimano or sram first for something engineers at those companies came up with forever ago.
I am a fan of Shakespeare, and his works were blatant rip offs of the Lays of Marie de France and other medieval folk tales, but he used their works and built them into something incredible that cannot be bested hundreds of years later, though everyone is free to try! EVERYONE! Talent stands on its own without big brother protecting it.
5 years. if you can't capitalize on your patent by then you don't have anything worth patenting.
Yes, I feel strongly about this. The thermal bread refreshener patent wouldn't exist if the stupid toaster patent would just die.

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have you ever seen a 15mm axle break?

that said, a 20mm axle option would be nice.

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Doesn't look urban but looks very fun

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Nice to see a mission aside from mine. That is what Seth Loomis is on, right?

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