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Lisa! Because the frame color and the Mercury rims make me think of science, and Lisa is the dream girl in "Weird Science."

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I had the tailgate of my truck pop open while driving down a dirt road. It dumped all four bikes onto the road. Luckily, nothing was damaged on any of the bikes. But man, I felt sick while watching the bikes tumble.

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I don't think that knowing if you are up or down at the splits would be helpful at all. Let's say you are a racer who is on a team that will radio riders with their split times mid run. Right out of the gate you are giving 100% of your skill and speed ... more »

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Expand the Crankworx world tour to 7 stops! Those guys could do far better for mountain biking as a whole than the UCI.

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I don't know a whole lot about filming and editing techniques. I have no idea what some of you mean by "old school skate videos." What I do know is that if it takes more than 20 seconds to get to riding, I'm very likely to stop watching the video. Please, ... more »

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Thanks for the info, YT. I'm sure Brakes that can stop Zina will have no problem stopping me.

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Hey YT, In your experience, are the Guide RSC brakes speced on the Tues CF Pro really powerful enough for DH? I've seen many other companies doing the same thing, but I am still skeptical that they can compete with Shimano Saint, Shimano Zee, Hope Tech ... more »

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I drive for 30-40 minutes to get to the trails. I used to just go a few blocks to ride, but since moving I am farther away than I like to be from any trails. Sigh...Hopefully I can change that in a few years!

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The Bos Void shock has an $820.00 MSRP according to Jenson USA.!k5Qssemujsbpbpp45!aQDw!/Bos-Suspensions-Void-Rear-Shock?utm_source=FRGL&utm_medium=organic&gclid=CIefsfefpcoCFROTfgodv5cJKw what else do we need?

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do you have a picture of where you dinged your rim?

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Sick bike Ty!

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I want to add some comments to my original post. This Triangle is more about labels for companies to use to distinguish between products in their lineup. As I thought about it, I never said, "I'm going freeriding!" or "I'm going Pakring!" when I owned ... more »

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I am all on board for calling Enduro a riding discipline in addition to a racing format. Labels can really help us to understand a bikes designed strengths and weaknesses, which help us to choose a bike (or bikes for the fortunate) that are right for

... more »
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So, here you are getting after Gwin for bringing religion into his interviews, yet you are bringing it into a forum about racing rumors. Guys who make comments like yours bring up Gwin's religion more frequently than Gwin does.

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Check out there are a number of companies that will sponsor you. Some companies offer great deals, while other companies are cheap. Good luck at the races.

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I would go for any slopestyle bike that you can outfit with a rear derailleur and gears if you want a bike to ride trail and hit jumps with. Trek Ticket S, Specialized P-Slope (though you will have to swap some parts to give this bike gears,) Specialized ... more »

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There are some great ideas that I have seen in the forum so far, The only thing I can add is this: I want to see a "Vital Test Sessions, DH Edition."

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I haven't had any problems running a 180 air sprung, single crown fork (180 Fox 36 Float) at the park, and both the Voltage, and Darkside work well with single or dual crown forks. Also, the Knolly Delerium should be out before the parks open up next ... more »

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We the consumer are, at worst, guilty of funding companies that use unethical practices, without knowing of those unethical practices. But, now that we know about these practices, we are calling out these companies and demanding change. Yes, we were ... more »