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I'm in this video, was cool to be there for it. Alex still rides at Rays MKE, he used the money to buy a not pink helmet !

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Added bike check Steveo's Deity StreetSweeper 3/2/2013 6:15 AM
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StreetSweeper !


The Good: Light weight, that great steal feel, super short chainstays, amazing ride !

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.


I got this frame to replace a 2008 BlackMarket 357 for use at Rays MTB in MKE. I purchased the frame from Ray's because if anyone should make money from me its Rays who gives me a place to ride !

The streetsweeper is 2 pounds lighter than the 357, I went from a 28/13 gearing to a 30/14 and STILL had to remove two links from chain.  The streetsweeper is far more nimble and just feels faster than other bikes.  I'm not sure why but I let everyone ride my bike and everyone says it just goes fast so easy.  No matter jumps, pump track or anywhere in the park it is just responsive, fast, nimble and boosts like crazy making everything so much easier !

I love the frame and I'm so happy with the purchase, I have sold two more streetsweepers for Rays buy letting others ride mine.

I wasn't sure if I should get streetsweeper or cryptkeeper so I dropped Eric at deity a email and he explained the why there are two dirtjumper/park frames and in end I decided the streetsweeper was right for me with NO regrets !  I

The great thing about deity is the owners Eric and Sadie, from when I was a complete newbie and Eric called me for an hour to help me install my crankset to giving me advice on what wheels and fork  would work well (they dont make wheels or forks) they are just awesome all around.  When you buy from deity you are family, they treat you like your their most important customer.  I cant say enough great things about them.  They are riders and a small business trying to provide the best products and service they can, I can't think of a company more deserving of my hard earned money !

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Tell you where they go in Milwaukee WI, the crooks try and fence them at Ben's Bike. Ben's has two stores across street from each other, whatever store the crook walks in the Ben's staff says they will buy it at the store across street. Ben's then calls ... more »

Added reply in a thread Worst Trail Find Ever. 9/19/2011 8:44 AM

Try to keep this clean .... I was riding with two friends about 20 years ago in the Northern Kettles here in WI and we came across a couple laying on the trail going at it. I had snapped off my derailleur on a stick and while I stopped to look bike my ... more »

Added a product review for Wellgo MG-1 Flat Pedal 5/1/2011 7:12 AM

Great for cheap pedals


The Good: Light with great grip, inexpensive.

The Bad: Can be damaged on rock hits, thin pedals are all the rage right now and these are not as thin as others.

Overall: I have two pair of these pedals, got first pair for the XC bike when to poor to buy new clipless and was surprised by how much I liked them. Bought a send pair for my DJ bike that came with 50/50's, I found that the 50/50's were twice as heavy and had less grip ! The MG1's survived 70 days of indoor MTB park riding this winter doing the jump lines all day with a 200 lbs rider. Will not be switch back to clipless anytime soon, love the MG-1's.

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Yeah too bad the weather is all rain in MKE and at this rate the outdoor season will start about the time Rays opens in fall. Awe screw it, time for a lunch ride in the relatively dry indoors !

Added a comment about video Ray's Odd Couple 2011 - 2nd Place - Aaron Chase & Mike Montgomery 3/27/2011 8:28 PM

I was at Rays MKE while they were filming, all the guys were throwing down huge, it was far bigger and faster in person than the videos.

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Yeah I run flats on my XC Bike, my old SPD shoes were shot, my old Onza HO pedals where shot and I was too poor to replace them both. Bought some Wellgo mg-1's on eBay very cheap and gave them a shot. Very glad I did, I dont miss the spd pedals anywhere ... more »

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Closes May 1st, wish it was open longer as spring in wisconsin means rain and closed trails. Then it gets nice for one day or so before stupid hot. September and October can be nice outside......

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Reminds me, time to go ride, Rays MKE is mile down the road from my office. =)

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Was awesome, I was there waving cash in the crowd at him from the beginning, figured a buck each from a few hundred people has made riders do crazier things ! Once a few others waved some cash it totally snowballed, think he ended up with $73. Great time at Rays MKE !

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