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so much want..............

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so much want

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and an Azonic Berretta stem in purple............pimp

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just like a Harley Davidson - yesterday's technology at tomorrow's prices

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FYI, that post retails for $218 on CR.

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I just watched Won't Back Down, and although the whole movie was great, the part that truly moved me was the 2008 worlds section.
It's incredible to think that 6 years later, Sam still has to fight the tears when thinking about this moment. The passion this man has is just amazing.

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i would so tap that

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spot on review, my Outlaws have been with me for 3 years now. In that time I've taken a spoke wrench and trued them twice and replaced bearings on the rear hub once.
i have them on an Intense 6.6, am also a lightweight like you and an aggresive trail rider. Mine also seated with a Stan's tubeless conversion very easily with non UST Continental tires, never had a burp and sometimes run them low enough to clink the rim everyonce in awhile. Top notch affordable wheel, my recommendation to anyone wanting a wheel on a budget that can be abused and keep tracking that intended line. Bonus is they come standard with all axle conversion hardware

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