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why would you do that but only have 1 camera with you?

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my god... we've been looking at the wheel size debate all wrong!

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edge 2.35 good for the slightly dryer side of intermidaite conditions


The Good: roll well, solid cornering and stable while breaking. great in there intended conditions and terrains

The Bad: some riders may find the wait an issue, better all round tires on market


these tires although not particularly light roll well and have a solid and responsive feel.  The compound is fairly soft and accompanied  by the unaggressive tread pattern it grips well on hard packed to intermediate mud as well as rock slabs. thick side walls help to fend off punctures and there is good stability under breaking, taking them out of there comfort zone and onto loose stones or sloppy conditions you will start to push there ability to stay grounded, but that is why the range is extensive and the edge are not recommended for such terrain,

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prob the coolest thing i've ever filmed in my entire bike media career. cam's dad rulez.

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you would think with the money being invested in and payed to the Athertons he could get a camera that works at more that 20 fps... everything looks faster with a blur!

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rabs because ductape is just too cheap

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looks like a trek ...... anyway

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How do i find this wonderland?

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at £10k i do not see these becoming common place anytime soon, bicycles with electric motors have been about for decades now and they haven't been banned yet. so every one calm the fuck down. and just think about it as a bike with an engine and weather or not you should save your penny's for one.

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