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Serious case of stoke!


The Good: neutral handling, excellent feed back from suspension, plush, stiff, inspiring

The Bad: Only goes as fast as I can but begs to go faster

Overall: This bike hauls! I've never ridden a bike that instantly felt so comfortable going fast on. The suspension is plush but still gives you enough feedback to let you change direction and launch off of anything you see fit. At 220 pounds I can feel the flex in just about any frame and there is none to report out of this. The CCDB is a marvel! It does take some time to set up but is 100% worth it. With a Ti spring on it next year it'll be even better. If you can afford one of these don't bother looking anywhere else because this is it!

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Check out www.steamboatgravityteam.com it's mostly a JR development team but all our coaches have at least three years racing experience. I personally have done various types of product testing for bikes and it's a major interest for me. We mostly race the Mountain States ... more ยป