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It took many years just to prove that mountain bikes weren't more damaging to trails than horseback riders or hikers. IF you want electric motorized bikes on human powered, non-motorized trails (and they are clearly marked as trails for non-motorized vehicles), then its the electric bike community that has to come up with the proof they don't cause more damage. That's how the real world works. Its not up to the ones who established the trails and rules to provide proof, its up to the e-bikers to prove they can be an exception to the rules without causing unnecessary damage. Go ahead, prove to us that e-bikes don't cause more damage through scientifically sound, peer-reviewed studies and while you're at it, come up with guidelines as to which e-bikes are OK and which aren't. Until then, respect the trails and the ones who made them exist in the first place. Good luck and don't be a dick like you suggested in your last sentence.

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Liked a comment about news blog Moab Bans Electric Bikes on Mountain Bike Trails 11/21/2014 12:54 PM

man... next they're going to make it illegal to drive my electric car down the sidewalk.

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@EJThomson did you read the whole review and only remember the two "negative" points? No bike is perfect for every rider in every situation. The Low BB has an advantage in many many situations and is a trade off in others, and if you reread the article the extra length of the cranks seemed to be more of an issue than the BB. Same goes for suspension, and where it falls short in one isolated scenario (in one particular shock setting) it shined in every other situation. Super light weight, spot on geometry and predictable suspension through the majority of terrain in a place like Whistler makes me happy. If you are looking for "exactly perfect" as you put it, I'm not sure that any bike will fit the bill.

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