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The boys were announced official World Record holders today! BOOSH. From their Facebook page:

"The news came in today from Guinness: 'The record is official!
We are thrilled to inform you that your application for Greatest vertical descent on a mountain bike in 24 hours has been successful and you are now the Guinness World Record Title Holder!
You will shortly receive your Guinness World Records certificate in the post.
Records Management Team
Guinness World Records'

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First, NOT going to complain about word count. Nice to read some thought out, articulate expression instead of a 250 word caption. Thank you.

As for wants - better bikes for less money?

How about maybe just the same bikes for less money? Bikes are pretty fancy nowadays, and besides wheel size and carbon, not changing a whole lot. I don't want more, I just want normal at a reasonable price. More trails would be nice, but there's many caveats in there... More races? No. Enduro and Urban DH has about sewn that up. RedBull is taking care of the rest. More WC level DH races in a season might be cool though.

More content... really? I can hardly keep up with all the websites anymore, let alone instafacetwitterbookgram... We have enough of a LOT of things (but I can't seem to get enough of Vital! haha)

Maybe we need to learn to appreciate more? Savor what we have.

As for Rampage, it was mishandled - should at least have had qualified commentators, that could have tried to include the uninitiated and define some things, level of difficulty, rider bios... The visuals were great though, however giving it to NBC was a mistake. Even the Wide World of Sports days suffered from un or mis-informed commentary. Network TV is going down, and thinking or planning on future big 3 broadcasts is waste. Neflix it, or HBO, or invent a new outlet. RedBull is big enough to develop something like that, if they're interested. But expecting a network broadcast of Rampage to bolster the sport is naive.

(I don't for one second believe that more outside sponsorship or attention will bring bike or component prices down. I don't believe anything will. Companies charge more and more every year.)

"Mainstream" and it's importance is going to evolve in the next decade, perhaps dramatically. Cycling in general has got it goin' on right now, on a strength. Room for improvement - yes. Room for appreciation - definitely.
Totally agree with the last paragraph, right on. Great read.

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It took many years just to prove that mountain bikes weren't more damaging to trails than horseback riders or hikers. IF you want electric motorized bikes on human powered, non-motorized trails (and they are clearly marked as trails for non-motorized vehicles), then its the electric bike community that has to come up with the proof they don't cause more damage. That's how the real world works. Its not up to the ones who established the trails and rules to provide proof, its up to the e-bikers to prove they can be an exception to the rules without causing unnecessary damage. Go ahead, prove to us that e-bikes don't cause more damage through scientifically sound, peer-reviewed studies and while you're at it, come up with guidelines as to which e-bikes are OK and which aren't. Until then, respect the trails and the ones who made them exist in the first place. Good luck and don't be a dick like you suggested in your last sentence.

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man... next they're going to make it illegal to drive my electric car down the sidewalk.

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