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Say BetterRide.net, you seem to really know your stuff!! Is there perhaps a more in-depth resource where I could learn more about these fascinating techniques?

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so why you are here commenting then?

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Correct, but you only get 1 pt for ruining the fun too quickly. Interestingly enough, a different link can also be fitted to run a conventional shock as well.

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what happens when you put your bike in the bed of a pickup for shuttles? or if your bike carrier supports the bike by the downtube. I had issues crushing the shift cable because of this.

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If you like to ride the descents cautiously and stressed about every feature that you come across, then ride with your seat post in the higher position. But if you want to have fun and not have to think about if you are going to get bucked or snagged on the seat, then drop that post.

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This is what all those free-ride-flickers think (wish) they look like ripping corners

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"the ideal rear suspension feel was never achieved"

I think that's why it wasn't rated that highly. Pretty important for a full suspension bike.

The welds and chain slap were just a tiny part of the review. The suspension was the main part. On a full suspension bike, if the rear suspension isn't able to work really well, on a variety of terrain, on a $6000 bike, then it is not good. Seems pretty simple to me.

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