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I wonder if in the UK they say "pass me the forks" referring to one singular fork sitting on a kitchen table.... so damn annoying.

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also a new brake rotor and an all black monarch shock in that photo. hans dampf tires aren't exactly "xc". maybe it's light duty trail as well. is that a specialized camber?

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This just in- at least two parking spaces just opened up at Ibis HQ.... Can we kill this joke now?

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5'9" is the borderline between Small and Medium, and also recommended for the size Small.

The Megatrail is designed for short stems, and those numbers include 1/4" of offset at the seat post. Riders that have ridden the MT have agreed with the sizing so far, including people that were initially skeptical of it being too long. Measure the actual butt to handlebar length you're running now, and compare it running 1/4" offset and a 35mm or 50mm long stem on the MT. Most people are surprised that the MT numbers suddenly make sense then.
Or, if you're near Denver, come on down and try one out. We also have more travelling planned for this year for demo rides, so keep an eye out for those.

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