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Liked a comment about product review First Ride: 2015 Specialized S-Works Demo Carbon 10/15/2014 2:03 PM

@EJThomson did you read the whole review and only remember the two "negative" points? No bike is perfect for every rider in every situation. The Low BB has an advantage in many many situations and is a trade off in others, and if you reread the article the extra length of the cranks seemed to be more of an issue than the BB. Same goes for suspension, and where it falls short in one isolated scenario (in one particular shock setting) it shined in every other situation. Super light weight, spot on geometry and predictable suspension through the majority of terrain in a place like Whistler makes me happy. If you are looking for "exactly perfect" as you put it, I'm not sure that any bike will fit the bill.

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Liked a comment about feature Specialized's 33.2 Pound S-Works Demo 8 Carbon Downhill Bike 10/8/2014 8:41 AM

Well, with this bike, the poor guy wouldn't have any more excuses for his Cat 3 non-podium finishes.

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Liked a comment about feature Specialized's 33.2 Pound S-Works Demo 8 Carbon Downhill Bike 10/7/2014 4:11 PM

foam grips and no bash? come on- it would have weighed 33.3 lbs with lock-ons and a bash guard. then i wouldn't have had to make this stupid comment.

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Liked a comment about video Andreu Lacondeguy's Winning Rampage Run 9/30/2014 3:28 PM

Yeah, but it was pretty clear the announcers didn't know what they were talking about half the time. I am super stoked Andreu won it and that he did it on a run like that: BIG mountain. You could tell after first runs they were rewarding creative lines and the dodgy-ness of them more than tricks for which I am very glad.

Between Andreu, Zink, Kyle and a few others I was left slack jawed that the things they were attempting was even doable. How the hell they thought those moves were ridable to being with?! Just amazing!

Some really creative lines from Brendan and Paul Bas as well. Those might have been winners in previous years. The level is absolutely insane...

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Liked a comment about news blog 2014 Red Bull Rampage Results, Andreu Lacondeguy Victorious 9/30/2014 8:36 AM

I go to mountain bike news sites and then get mad when I see mountain bike news there.

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Liked a comment about video Pinnacle 10 Man DH Race Qualifying Results and Helmet Cam with Mick Hannah 9/20/2014 11:45 AM

Pretty sure it's not the cam that makes it look like a wide open grass groomer run with some hucks thrown in. I've ridden too many wide non-tech tracks...the number of riders on track at one time is the only reason anyone cares about this race. Hell of a gimick, right?

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