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Agreed with @sspomer - there is limited space to build, and I've judged similar competition formats once upon a time in the big mountain freeskiing realm... My thoughts:
If you built it, you should know every inch of it better than someone 'poaching' it, thus you have no excuse not to ride it better and score better.
If a few people ride the same exact line, the one who rode it better should score better, this is a judged competition. Of course there are politics involved, but this is the basis of a judged event. If you can't handle it, go race where the clock doesn't politic, discriminate, or lie.
Overall, with limited space this is a ridiculous pissing contest. If I was one of these guys getting yelled at for 'poaching', I'd want to ride it out of spite and say "ok here's the deal, I'm going to ride it with your permission or not, so I can either bring my crew to help dig, or I'll sit back and watch you dig, save my efforts, and still ride it."

You know what a real champion would do?? Be a cool calm professional & gentleman; happily let anyone ride it / help if they can, and then go out and throw down the best run without bitching about 'poaching.' Arrive on the top step of the podium with all the riders happy for you, no questions about politics or lines, just knowing you won the day.

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They have an EXO casing.

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Lopes is sponsored by Ellsworth now!?

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You forgot the part about getting a flat at the top and then pinning it to the bottom on the bare rim. The manufacturers love that because those huge Interbike demo fleets are super cheap and riding over the roughest terrain on the planet with no tire does virtually zero damage to the rim. When you return the total'ed bike, make sure you let the manufacturer know how disappointed you were in the test ride.

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Doesn't want MTB news... goes to a MTB news website... Blames website for providing MTB news...

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