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New thread All Things World Champs 9/3/2015 1:27 PM

There's nothing like a World Champs, especially when it's on a track like Andorra! I'll fill this first post up with links of content as we go. Chime in with internet racing and news if you hear it! DH Bikes WINNING BIKE - Loic Bruni's Lapierre DHWINNING BIKE - Rachel Atherton's GT FuryAaron Gwin's Specialized DemoLoic and Loris Lapierre BikesRatboy's Santa Cruz V10cc

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New thread Screw, Marry, Kill - 3 World Champs Bikes 9/2/2015 3:29 PM

World Champs bikes are coming in and we've picked our 3 favorites for the Screw, Marry, Kill scenario. This means you have to pick which bike you'd want to Marry, which one you'd want to Kill and which one you'd want to have fleeting 'unsavory' relations

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New thread Undecided about clips or flats? Here's a 3rd option 9/2/2015 9:43 AM

will it work?

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New thread RESULTS: 2015 Masters World Champs DH from Andorra 8/27/2015 12:26 PM

#oldguysrule Besides Cesar Rojo putting down some serious hurt and Tomas Misser crushing, how about the fact there were 4 competitors in the 60+ category on the super steep Andorra track! Masters Men 30-34

Masters Men 35-39 Masters ... more »

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New thread World Champs DH Entries 8/27/2015 11:59 AM

Here are all the Elite Men signed up to rip World Champs.

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New thread When Being Semenuk Goes Wrong 8/24/2015 10:03 AM

HOLY COW!! we can't embed the video here b/c of weird shockmansion exclusivity restrictions, but check it out! only semenuk could make this catastrophe look so effortless.

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New thread Cesar Rojo's New Carbon DH Bike 8/20/2015 8:11 AM

Cesar Rojo has a sick new bike for Masters World Champs!

see more on Cesar's facebook page

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New thread Missy Giove at the Windham World Cup? 7/30/2015 11:33 AM

This morning I received the following email from Kenneth Lee about trying to get Missy Giove to the Windham World Cup. Check it out. ------------------------------ So here's the deal. Missy , a native NY gal, is back for the Windham WC DH with a National ... more »

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New thread Riding Trail / XC without a chamois? 7/17/2015 11:41 AM

I'm hearing stories of experienced riders deciding not to run chamois under their shorts during trail / xc rides in various places across the country. Sometimes they're using more "tech" underwear etc, but not chamois. Do any of you run that style? I've ... more »

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New thread Syndicate is not a trade team 6/12/2015 7:41 AM

santa cruz is getting serious. seriously hilarious. www.notatradeteam.comDrove past this today.... Does anyone know where? #notatradeteam A photo posted by Greg Minnaar (@gregminnaar) on May 19, 2015 at 7:55pm PDT

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New thread do you flip your bike upside down to put on your front wheel? 6/4/2015 7:27 AM

probably the most important question you'll answer today... if you've just traveled to the trail/bike park w/ your bike and the front wheel had to be removed for said travel, do you flip your bike upside down, onto the seat and bars to install your front

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New thread USA Cycling Release ProGRT Updates / Info 4/21/2015 5:07 PM

USA Cycling released the following news and updates regarding the 2015 ProGRT. 2015 USA Cycling Pro GRT—What’s New This Year The Pro GRT has some big changes in store for this year. Here is a quick list of what riders should be on the lookout for at our ... more »

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New thread FEST Series Santa Cruz Gnarliness 4/21/2015 7:33 AM

The first FEST Series stop is in Santa Cruz this week and big jump blasters aren't holding back. We'll kick off the thread with Andreu Lacondeguy's crazy delayed-look flat 360, complete w/ moto following for BRAAP sounds. Fest series and @andreulacondeguy. Already so nuts A video posted by Greg ... more »

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New thread Official Lourdes World Cup Thread 4/7/2015 2:18 PM

time for armchair quarterbacking on the first World Cup of the season! who's gonna take it? you've seen the track preview, duncan arrived and has already walked saying it's a true DH track that's gnarly, so he's pumped. we'll launch Vital OTB tomorrow ... more »

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New thread Joe Barnes' DIY Coke Bottle Tubeless Compressor Hack 3/6/2015 1:39 PM

Sven sent over this video of Joe Barnes' rad Coke bottle compressor hack. He's used it up to 100psi. #watchyoureyes Joe Barnes' DIY Coke Bottle Tubeless Compressor Hack- More Mountain BikeVideos

New pics of the system ... more »

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New thread what color is this bike? 2/27/2015 3:56 PM

just curious.

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New thread Crankworx World Tour an Alternative to UCI Racing?? 2/19/2015 4:12 PM

Crankworx just sent this press release about their new World Tour which is providing overall titles for a variety of disciplines like slopestyle, pumptrack, speed and style and DOWNHILL. 3 venues (rotorua, les 2 alpes and whistler) and legit courses, ... more »

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New thread Boulder, CO Bike Thief Gets 10 Years in Prison 1/20/2015 9:50 AM

#bikethievessuck The most interesting part of the story to me is that he refused to tell the cops where the bikes went. Is it a bigger, organized ring? Seems like he couldn't just craigslist or pawn them locally very easily. He should also get 1 year

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New thread Apple Gets Wearable Camera Patent that Could Hurt GoPro 1/13/2015 3:13 PM

Excerpt from the article. Interesting to say the least. ---------------- Apple has been granted a patent for a wearable camera that could possibly challenge action cameras made by GoPro. The patent, which cites specific weaknesses in GoPro’s cameras, ... more »

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New thread Do you use climbing-specific suspension features like lock-out? 1/12/2015 10:34 AM

Just curious how many of you run suspension with climbing-specific features that can be turned on or off during a ride via switch on the shock/fork or handlebar mount. If so what feature do you have and how often do you use it? Do any of you have the ... more »

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