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Reply to Filmers: FAA to Require a Pilot's License to Fly Drones 6/22/2016 11:11 AM

could you imagine getting smoked in the head by a drone going 100mph?! enforcing the "commercial" thing will be interesting as i imagine most people getting paid for some footage will claim "hobbyist".

Reply to Radio Use in WC DH? Legal? 6/12/2016 4:03 PM

it seems like it wouldn't help very often but take sam hill at val di sole worlds. he was up by 8 seconds and could have been radio'd to chill. that would have gained plenty.

Reply to 2016 Leogang World Cup Thread 6/11/2016 7:03 AM

conditions for qualifying seem like they were slightly slick! pretty crazy the amount of DNF/DQ and super bummed that sam didn't race : ( The junior #Scoutbike sponsored Italians are in the junior finals tomorrow, congratulations to @nukeproofbikes #Crcpaypal @elliottheap qualifying first in #Leogang A photo posted by Nukeproofbikes (@nukeproofbikes) on Jun 11, 2016 at 5:12am PDT

Reply to 2016 Leogang World Cup Thread 6/10/2016 7:52 AM

since there were no marshals in claudio's video to count, we're not sure. just reporting what the UCI said. claudio does mention a berm they go around in the vid though.

Reply to 2016 Leogang World Cup Thread 6/10/2016 6:49 AM

super interesting. it seemed like the only part gwin and claudio had trouble with was that nasty off-camber. maybe that is one of the points referred to in the changes. hard to tell not being there i guess, but i'm w/ those of you above. if ratty and ... more »

Reply to UCI 2017 Event Schedule - Only 6 DH Races? 6/9/2016 1:41 PM

the track looks completely tech in the same spots on helmet cam. i think some of the complainers from the venue were just upset the trees were cut down. i'm calling #falsealarm on course sanitation. sorry for the mis-information. judge for yourself,31649/sspomer,2 ... more »

Reply to UCI 2017 Event Schedule - Only 6 DH Races? 6/9/2016 11:13 AM

gotta agree. the legacy of Fort William and MSA add an element of excitement IMO. make some minor track tweaks each time to spice things up, but classic sections are rad to look at and compare year after year.

Reply to UCI 2017 Event Schedule - Only 6 DH Races? 6/9/2016 8:26 AM

considering bryceland's emoji's i'm guessing he's joking, but who knows. rupert chapman's social media said "does anyone else just want to quit DH after that track walk?" and i just got a text from a photog saying "top wood section is gone, replaced ... more »

Reply to UCI 2017 Event Schedule - Only 6 DH Races? 6/9/2016 7:13 AM

everyone will be stoked to know (sarcasm) that the natural woods section of leogang has been cut out of the course. apparently the riders aren't happy at all. pretty "bike parky" from top to bottom. now this wasn't necessarily the UCI's decision (we're ... more »

Reply to UCI 2017 Event Schedule - Only 6 DH Races? 6/8/2016 3:57 PM

until the World Cup isn't the premiere race series, a different series just won't get the same number of world-caliber riders trying their hardest to compete. since UCI = world champs and there's so much in the cycling industry (road, track and MTB ) ... more »

New thread 2016 Fort William World Cup Thread 6/2/2016 7:26 AM

Another classic race is just around the corner. Time to get fired up! Looks like we'll beat the weather!

Minnaar's winning run from 2015

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New thread MTB Apps/Products/Tools/Technology You Don't Need 5/31/2016 12:20 PM

We get a lot of kickstarter spam emails here at Vital asking us to check out the newest product or app that will make your life greater. So often the emails are about a "new, life-changing" product that's just a stock, existing item like a jersey or ... more »

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New thread ProGRT Port Angeles Results - Yeah Tanner! 5/16/2016 8:46 AM

Port Angeles delivers again with another great round of racing. Times were TIGHT with the top five Pro men all within the same 0.2 seconds! Pro Men:

Pro Women: Junior Men: Tanner Stephens, who won the Men's Pro field, had this to say on his FB page: "Honestly, ... more »

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New thread Have you seen many + / plus bikes on the trails? 5/2/2016 7:52 AM

I'm curious to find out if you Vital readers have noticed many bikes with plus size tires out on the trails when you ride. It may be a bit early in the season to get a good grasp of how many are out there, but here's a completely unscientific poll. If

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New thread Hey Bike Shop Employees, Show Off Your Bikes! 4/25/2016 9:46 AM

Bike shop employees make the world go 'round and since you're in the middle of it all, we want to see what bikes you've chosen to ride! Post up your bike and let us know what shop you work at!

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New thread Lourdes World Cup Downhill 4/6/2016 6:45 AM

Lourdes is getting underway. We'll put instagram and social media goods here and we already have a boatload of pics coming in that will hit shortly. for now, drool over minnaar's bike! A photo posted by Greg Minnaar (@gregminnaar) on Apr 6, 2016 at 1:27am PDT

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New thread Will team changes impact results at the first world cup? 3/29/2016 3:42 PM

Lourdes is a little more than a week away! After this first EWS, i started wondering how much team changes will impact results for the world cup downhillers. there's no way to really know, but it's fun to speculate. the top 10 or 11 (i think) except

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New thread KrunkShox's Transition Smuggler 29er for EWS 3/24/2016 10:22 AM

Alex McGuinnis aka KrunkShox is stepping out and racing the EWS all season. After crushing it at the Oregon Enduro Series races the last few years, he's ready for international competition. Check out his Transition Smuggler 29er. He's running SRAM GUIDE levers mounted

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New thread Vitus' Carbon Enduro Bikes 3/22/2016 8:29 AM

This press release hit the inbox this morning and figured it was worth a post here. Chain Reaction's house brand, Vitus, with 3 models of their new carbon enduro bike ------------------------------ PRESS RELEASE Vitus Bikes launch all new Sommet CR and

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