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is that mark weir on the left? i heard he's ready to race DH again. makes sense.

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lol shark tank diamonback global racing

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let's surf.

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in the PR they said they're taking a break from world cup DH in 2017, not completely abandoning it forever. considering the year they've had w/ the loss of stevie, it doesn't seem unreasonable. it's a bummer either way, though

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Bump for 2016 Small Business Saturday!

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that combo is pretty solid for most trail riding, but we need to know what kind of riding you're doing, trail conditions/terrain etc to help you make the best choice.

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this is the most disheartening part of the article "Judge Slayton seemed to side with Protiva on the question of whether motorcyclists could legally use the Challenger Trail ringing the base of the San Francisco Peaks. But he said Protiva also could ... more »

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How damper oil flow is controlled This week on the Tuesday Tune, we give an overview of a handful of the most common methods behind controlling oil flow in the damper of your fork or shock. This is far from being a comprehensive list of every configuration ... more »

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not nearly as gnarly, but some in colorado recently too. those stakes posted above are insane.

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shark attack! verified via his instagram.

... more »
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boatloads of reviewed options in our product guide -

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New thread The U-Lock that will make you barf if you cut it 10/25/2016 9:19 AM

skunklock. could be a winner as long as it doesn't go off on you unexpectedly.

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the outland!!! edit - watched the clip...what a cool story!

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#tbt to 2003 and zink's first rampage. a young t-mac was there watching w/ pops and i let him use my video camera as i took pics. he captured some rad pieces of MTB history #tbt @camzink at his first #redbullrampage in 2003. Incredible how far things have come! video by @tylermccaul A video posted by Vital MTB (@vitalmtb) on Oct 13, 2016 at 7:21am PDT ... more »

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binggeli going mach 400 on his canyon gap! @loganbinggeli testing the canyon gap. #redbullrampage #khsfactoryracing #irideforpaul #ripmagazza #ripchainsaw A video posted by Steve woods aka Steve0 (@steve0woods) on Oct 12, 2016 at 9:16pm PDT

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Wednesday is in the books with some riding, crashing and some questions about just how gnarly and exposed the event really is. That green goblin zone is ludicrous. Here's a little heads up on a few of the lines at #RedBullRampage 2016, this sport is definitely being pushed but how far is it going to go?? #Rampage A video posted by Ben Deakin (@deakinator1) on Oct 13, 2016 at 7:27am PDT Strait ... more »

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so graham is going straight down the middle?????

New thread Mont Sainte Anne World Champs in 2019 10/12/2016 12:38 PM

The UCI has indicated that Mont Sainte Anne will get the 2019 MTB World Champs event. Masters will be held there, too. The last time World Champs was held in MSA was 2010. The 2017 World Champs will take place in Cairns, Australia, next year. ... more »

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