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some slopestyle news with Brayden Barrett-Hay and Paul Genovese now on Mongoose. full pr,1253

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i'm not sure if this is a legit possibility but when you visit the big cities, if you know you're not riding for a day or more and will be away from your rental car doing tourist stuff, maybe a local bike shop would be willing to store your bike so it's ... more »

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POST LINKS to product claims please.

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for smoother skateparks, this seems like a money idea.

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Dean Lucas confirmed on Intense Factory Racing. This just in from the official Team Launch that just took place.

Ivan Jimenez: tech manager and founder of the rebirth of intense factory racing. Bernat guardia: after retiring in 2015, Bernat ... more »
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2016 Palmer Project team, no longer just a Jr. Development team with 3 pros - Lucas Cowan, Warren Kniss and Shane Leslie racing Pro and Steven Walton (youngest at 16) racing Junior. Shane and Lucas are roommates while attending Northern Arizona University.

... more »
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you can get some good research done in our product guide ("Product" in the top menu). Here's the direct link to clipless shoes -,61 - lots of reviews and specs in there. good luck!

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it was not slow, that's for sure.

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hung out with gwin yesterday

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Transition news added here for peaceful, easy feelin'. PRs sent at midnight with no heads up are rough^^^ ---------------------------------- TRANSITION BIKES and FMD Racing Development Join Forces to Create 'Transition Factory Racing' The entire Transition

... more »
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Nico Quere stays with Commencal and adds RockShox suspension for 2016 ------------------------ Press Release from Commencal

Pictures: Ben'Art Nicolas Quere News: RockShox and a Customised Contract Nico, everyone knows him. Above all he’s a ... more »
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from gwin himself --------------------------------------- Hey Everyone, Just wanted to give you guys a quick update on what I've been up to. I realize that it's been a while since I've released any news and a lot of you would like to know my plans for ... more »

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SUNN Enduro Team Announced - Isabeau Courdurier added ----------------------------------

Press Release After a first great season whether in terms of performance or media coverage, the SUNN Team is evolving in 2016 as they are welcoming a new ... more »
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this is a couple years old but gives you some insight into the people behind the product.,6713/Slideshow,0/bturman,109 ... more »

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Norco team announced, press release below ---------------------------------------- 2016 Norco Factory Racing Team Introduction For immediate release Norco Bicycles is thrilled to announce its continued support of the Norco Factory Racing team. For the ... more »

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we asked gwin to not even race this season, just to keep this thread alive for the entire year. he wasn't into the idea for some reason.

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we'll speculate for sure. gwin's audi video shoot instagram post a few weeks back had us do just that. "hey, gwin posted up an instagram about shooting a commercial with audi. does it mean anything his for 2016 plans?" we had no idea, but it's fun to ... more »

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good question, inclag. generally if we get confirmed news early (from a rider or brand), there's usually an embargo attached. we respect embargoes (advertisers or doesn't matter). even when other sites break the embargoes (sam hill ... more »

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and gwin says it himself. "Woke up to some new team rumors posted as "facts" and I'm just over here like (emojis)...But seriously, thank you guys for all the interest. I'll try to get some

... more »
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We have lots of first and second-hand industry information and hear a lot of the rumors you all do. Some we know to be true, some we know to be false. Unfortunately for the gossip mill, we do our best to only publish confirmed news. There have been no ... more »