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POST LINKS to product claims please.

Updated photo album Giant Top Gun - New Zealand National 3, Downhill Race Action 2/5/2016 10:41 AM

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we shared the sad news about mirra on our social channels. mirra did changing biking. he's the reason people are flipping off flat drops, just to name one minor thing in his career. it's been a rough week for both the MTB and BMX communities

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What can we say? We're Ryan Nyquist fans and we celebrate his entire catalog.

Watch Ryan's 17 Questions

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At a local NZ race (photo report coming soon) this past weekend, Brook MacDonald was on a GT Fury (we're assuming it's probably not his 2016 World Cup bike), Blenki was ripping the Norco Aurum w/ the pulley and Rupert Chapman on a prototype Bergamont

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We're honored to have such a legend of two-wheeled trickery answer the 17. Listen, learn and laugh with Ryan Nyquist.

Ryan announced today that he's making an official commitment to both BMX and MTB. We expect good things to come! Check the official press release below.


Carlsbad, CA – (January 29, 2016) Ryan Nyquist announced today he will be competing as a dual sport athlete this year, riding for both Haro BMX and Haro MTB.

“I’ve been riding and competing in BMX for over 20 years and I still love it just as much today and I did when I started.” said Ryan. “But for me, riding has always been about pushing myself to achieve new goals, and MTB is another way to challenge myself and progress my riding.”

Ryan participated in select MTB events in 2015 when he noted his interest was peaked by both the similarities and the differences between dirt jumping and BMX. Ryan will continue to ride BMX competitively, but will now commit officially to a competitive MTB schedule as well.

“When you think BMX you think Ryan Nyquist, and that’s never going to change.” said Joe Hawk, COO of Haro Bikes. “But if he’s looking for an extra challenge, we’re thrilled to have him involved in just another branch of the family with Haro MTB. We know he’ll bring the same excitement to the MTB world that he still does today on the BMX side.”

A household name in both BMX dirt and park, Ryan Nyquist started riding at the age of three and competed in his first BMX freestyle competition when he was 16. Competing in his first X Games at the age of 18, Nyquist has been a BMX legend ever since. By 2003, he had won every major dirt competition – X Games, Gravity Games, Vans Triple Crown, and the King of Dirt. 2016 will mark Ryan’s 20th year with Haro BMX.

Haro Bikes has been world renowned as a leader in the BMX market for more than 35 years. Haro entered the mountain bike market in 1988 and has recently begun to make a significant name for itself in the industry—often employing disruptive tactics to do so. Haro MTB maintains that mountain biking should be done for the sport, rather than for the status, and aims to offer products that allow its consumers to do so without overspending. 

The Creative Bar is a full-service creative agency specializing in company branding, marketing, and advertising. They have earned over 75 national design and marketing awards since opening their firm in 2008. For inquiries regarding Ryan Nyquist, Haro MTB, advertising or editorial opportunities, please visit

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for smoother skateparks, this seems like a money idea.

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Please make this in aluminum. My bank called, knowing I had seen this, and told me carbon isn't in the budget this year.

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Dean Lucas confirmed on Intense Factory Racing. This just in from the official Team Launch that just took place.

Ivan Jimenez: tech manager and founder of the rebirth of intense factory racing. Bernat guardia: after retiring in 2015, Bernat ... more »
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2016 Palmer Project team, no longer just a Jr. Development team with 3 pros - Lucas Cowan, Warren Kniss and Shane Leslie racing Pro and Steven Walton (youngest at 16) racing Junior. Shane and Lucas are roommates while attending Northern Arizona University.

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This morning has been a whirlwind of emotions. Trying to fight back tears and sadness, while simultaneously laughing at some of the adventures and stories. Kelly was an amazing person and I'm fortunate enough to have known him for a number of years.

One of the Kelly memories that came up this morning was from 2011...more

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Rest in peace Kelly. So, so sad. We will miss you.

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Sampling some seriously satisfactory soil somewhere South with Griz and Lyle.

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you can get some good research done in our product guide ("Product" in the top menu). Here's the direct link to clipless shoes -,61 - lots of reviews and specs in there. good luck!

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Spoken like a true armchair engineer.

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Tiny looking bike + fastest turnbar in history = Matt Thompson's race run.

Added a new video When Moab Had a Chairlift and DH Racing 1/29/2016 10:08 AM

Tour of Canyonlands DH Race from April 2001.

  • Moab Rim trail that was accessed by a chairlift in town.
  • Basically 100% slickrock trail that was pure brutality, a brake burner and had tons of rim-eating step-up shelves. The course primarily followed the Moab Rim 4WD climb, but went down (obviously).
  • If you blew that left corner that overlooks the river w/ the white, metal fencing, you could fall off a 50 foot cliff (maybe more?) down to the road below. #nightmares
  • Matt Thompson (Santa Cruz Super 8), Bernie Frederick (Lenz DH Descender w/ 24" rear wheel), Rob Sears (RIP) on a Dirt Works. His line and fluidity up the steps in the practice vid below made me crap my pants. I think O'Driscoll is in there. Brian Ballard on a sweet, steel 3D Racing DH bike. Krispy on his dual 24" Karpiel. Gene Hamilton and plenty of O.G. guys from the Rockies. Good stuff.
  • The first race I ever filmed with the VX1000. I took my entire desktop computer setup in the car with me for this. Filmed in the day, edited in hotel room down the crappy 6 megabyte file used above (that's why it's so crappy, i need to find the source files) and uploaded via dial-up to the internet. I was not aware of music copyright back then. If a song was in the current Mack Dawg snowboard movie, I used it LOL.
  • Feel bad for the bikes in this video.
Here's practice from the day before, edited in the hotel room, so technically this is the first race video I did. Like I said, Mack Dawg music. Again, sorry for the quality. Our phones shoot bigger files for photos than these original files were. If I ever dig out the computer (yeah right), I'll upload originals.

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it was not slow, that's for sure.