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Can't stop staring at this picture. It's hilarious

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Gee Atheron 3:57.8
Rachel Atherton: 4:27.8

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Gwin is signing for scurra for 2014, since its a better bike.

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Hey Der, this is Lars from Transition Bikes. I can assure you that this is as far as you can get from a catalog design. For one that's not really how it works. We designed the original TR-450 in our offices in Bellingham Wa USA....more

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Wait. did he say the magnesium casing has a coating to give it high porosity? WTF?

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Now do it brakeless.

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Gee Atherton 4:05:50
Rachel Atherton 4:39:53

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Added a product review for Kali Protectives Aazis Soft Knee Pad 12/23/2011 4:11 PM

awesome pad. keeps your knees cool


The Good: VENTILATION IS GREAT. They don't slide or bunch. Protection is adequate. Slim fit and comfortable.

The Bad: Have to take your shoes off to put em on.

Overall: They've kept my knees safe and cool in 105 degree F weather in humid south texas. They don't slide around or bunch up. When they get stinky I just throw em in the wash and let em air dry. Had em for about 8 months now and they've been put to the ground many a time. Not even a torn stitch. When you measure your legs for sizing make sure you do so in an athletic stance like you're on your bike. I measured my legs while straight and my pads are a little snug. But even though they are tight they are still comfortable and I can barely tell they're there. BUY THEM BEFORE YOU CRACK YOUR KNEECAP LIKE I DID BEFORE I BOUGHT THESE.

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