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That's gonna be in my tool box soon.

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What did I just read.

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Here you go:

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May be an optical illusion 'cause Troy is short. I dunno, looks normal to me.

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these comments are just way too upper middle class.

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any gripes out of fairclough about a non-tech track and he's fired

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found the braking behavior interesting

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I'm going to play Devil's Advocate for a second here since there's a lot of assumptions and blind hate toward Giant. There are other possibilities for the lawsuit being dismissed than Giant being an evil Goliath. Maybe DW's claims of patient violations would not have held up in patient...more

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I'm tired of WC racers complaining about tracks not suiting their skillsets. F*ck off already and adapt. Variety is good, and the guys who come out on top at the end of the season are the ones who can ride everything. I can't believe guys like Hill and Brendan still haven't adapted to pedally tracks...more

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tire psi before every ride shock/fork psi monthly clean/lube chain when it needs it - usually every 3rd-4th ride bolt check monthly unless i hear a noise i shouldn't suspension oil and seals every 6 months pivot bearings checked yearly and replaced/repacked ... more ยป

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production? i really dug the all black but could live with these.

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Why can't you Vital guys count backwards to number 1???????? Really surprised at Gee. Hope he podiums.

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A good coach, knows the right things to say at the right time and how much to each rider, they all respond differently especially once they are or have been at the top like Gwin. Too much info for a seasoned pro can mess the mind rather than keep...more

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needs more EC.

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