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Great, cheap performance.


The Good: One of the best forks i have ever ridden. Takes the big stuff almost as well as a 40 with kashima coating, easy to adjust, lots of adjustment knobs and an overall great performance both up and downhill.

The Bad: Broke after one visit to a bikepark. For some reason it dropped like 40 mm's of travel after taking on a rather rough rockgarden followed by a big gap, which i overshoot a bit.


I have ridden it the entire season without any problems untill a visit at Hafjell Bikepark. Douring the season I have been using it for AM in Schweiz and Italy, where i have been doing one day rides with around 1500-2000 meters of climbing and the same ammount of descending on pretty rough terrain. The climbs were smooth with the lowest travel settings, and the fork allowed me to push myself to the limit while descending.

I have also been using it at Braunlage and Winterberg bikepark, where it performed even better than i expected. No problems at big drops, gaps, rockgardens and extremely steep sections.

But for some reason i managed to destroy something within the fork by charging through a rockgarden and overshooting the following gap. It works perfectly apart from having no more than 130 mm's of travel, so i have shipped it to X-Fusion, who will hopefully fix it for free due to the warranty.

All in all it's a great fork, which works perfectly except for a factory fault on my example. Great fork for both enduro, freeride, downhill and pretty hardcore trail riding.

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I don't know how you can adjust the give, but the company claims that it is possible.. Don't ask me such hard questions. I am way too busy to break into the factory, just to steal the blueprints so that i can tell you how it works..

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Haha. No doubt! From the looks of the images they have some sort of thin membrane over the holes to keep stuff out. We're guessing they removed it for dramatic effect for the video.

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1. It does provide some give, just like a traditional tire, and the amount of give can be adjusted depending on terrain and traction needs

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