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Rockshox beat them to the fatbike fork so we get this in response? Has the industry become so nervous about missing the next 'big' thing that they're just chasing niche trends now? Interesting that it's pitched as a fork for semi-fat bikes rather than 'a fork with the same hub spacing as a standard dh fork... etc'

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Liked a comment about photo Connor Fearon's Kona Precept 200 2/27/2015 10:37 PM

Pretty sure thats not a precept, same kinda look but shock mounts to a different spot and the rear end looks different as well as the seat tube, possibly to clear those 27.5 looking wheels? I bet he races something like this at quite a few rounds unless they are just testing some things.

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This is what all those free-ride-flickers think (wish) they look like ripping corners

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I've been harping on this for years to my friends in the bike biz to no avail, but I really wish manufacturers would publish their downtube measurements. I know, I know its not perfect but it will give you at least a ballpark figure of how a bike will fit while standing (though it will be effected by head angle, headtube height,and fork height as well). Reach is a great # but it's not actually something that can be easily measured in person, whereas I can go up to any 2 bikes with say a 160mm travel fork and measure the downtube with a tape measure to get at least some idea how they will fit (or measure center bb to top, middle, or bottom of head tube if you really want to nerd out).
Somehow geo charts manage to have every conceivable degree and measurement except downtube length. The front of the bike is a triangle but we only get the figures for the 2 sides that effect fit while sitting. Why, in 2015 are we still sizing non-xc/road bikes based on that criteria?

Connect the origins of the 2 invisible reach and stack lines where they meet the frame and you draw a line from center BB to top/center head tube. Call it 'effective reach' or some other buzz word if you like, but just do it already!

If the manufactures won't do it, maybe the mags will?

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Liked a comment about news blog No More Beer in the Booth - Rob Warner on Becoming a Commentator 12/3/2014 1:25 AM

I love drunken Warner as much as the next guy, but polishing up his act a bit falls in line with Redbull raising the production value of the whole series. They're looking to expand beyond the target audience, and if that means reigning in Rob a bit in the name of more exposure then I'm in full support.

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