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Reply to Does the New UCI President Really Care About MTB? 9/21/2017 9:47 AM

I wrote a 3 paragraph response, but realized a succinct, "No" would suffice re: the title question. For DH to flourish, it needs to be out from under the UCI, plain and simple. The reason Enduro is under the banner is a longer answer. Things like this ... more »

Reply to World Champs Sucked 9/10/2017 7:29 PM

I think you're confusing a carnival game with World Champs. No one got ripped off, Myriam got 2nd - if they hadn't corrected her time, that'd be an issue. If there had been a big ol' fan blowing wind at Gwin on the final straight, that would indeed be ... more »

Reply to 2017 World Champs Bikes 9/7/2017 7:03 AM

No real photos yet, but I'm a fan of the Iron Maiden graphics here. Not quite the typical Worlds paint job, but rad for the \m/ factor!

Reply to Loris Vergier has a 27.5 and 29er Santa Cruz V10 at Val di Sole 8/23/2017 1:35 PM

Lets see 29f/27r. That'll set the forum alight.

Reply to RIP David Klaassen Van Oorschot 8/14/2017 7:27 AM

Sad news to hear. One of the shredders from when I was a grom and just learning about how cool this sport was - always thought he had the best name on the start list!

Reply to Toolkit that mounts on the bike 7/20/2017 9:44 PM

The topo engravings are a rad touch!


What's happening race fans! The brake rotors are still cooling down from Vallnord and we've only just arrived at the next venue. Three days ago Troy Brosnan and Myriam Nicole put on stellar performances in Elites, and Meg James and Finn Iles put on clinics ... more »

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Reply to ALL THINGS ANDORRA WORLD CUP 6/26/2017 2:05 PM

Oh man...ok race fans, if this is how things are gonna be, who are you putting your internet dollars on?
Reply to ALL THINGS LEOGANG WORLD CUP 6/9/2017 2:37 PM

Just to clarify why Brook crashed: a mechanical locked up his rear wheel under braking and pitched him off the bike out of a compression as he approached the knuckle of the roll-over.

Reply to All Things US Open of MTB 5/28/2017 9:15 PM

Finals were a bit wild:

Reply to All Things US Open of MTB 5/27/2017 10:12 PM

Seeding clips:

Reply to All Things US Open of MTB 5/27/2017 7:20 AM

US Open action! Vital feature dropping later today! Get stoked for Qualies today!

New thread All Things US Open of MTB 5/25/2017 11:36 AM

What's happening race fans! This is the big weekend, the return of the US Open! We're on the ground here in New Jersey, and things are looking good! If you're here, let us know what you think. Otherwise feel free to speculate wildly, hypothesize about ... more »

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Reply to 2017 World Cup Downhill Bikes 5/18/2017 1:08 PM

Big wheel keep on turning Proud mary keep on burning And we're rolling, rolling Rolling on the river CCR predicted the rise of 29'ers 48 years ago... #subtext #illuminati #wagonwheelconspiracy #oregontrail #youhavediedofdysentery

Reply to All Things Fort William World Cup 2017 5/9/2017 12:50 PM

I will just say, the speeds at which this track is raced make it a lot more wild than one might judge. With that is mind, it isn't exactly Val di Sole. The breakfast at the Ft Bill cafe is one of the better meals going on the circuit though, and I appreciate ... more »

Reply to All Things Fort William World Cup 2017 5/9/2017 8:38 AM

I'm stoked to see the new section. Looks like that might be a sweet gap after the deer gate to the new! Also, looking back at RAW from Lourdes, specifically the gully section, the Syndicate dudes look so composed in the chatter after the huck...I think ... more »

New thread All Things Fort William World Cup 2017 5/9/2017 7:26 AM

It's a little early, but never too late to post about the next World Cup. Ben Cathro takes us on a wee tour of the track which has been tidied up and revised for this weekend's BDS race and the June World Cup.

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Reply to When did downhillers turn into drama queens? 5/4/2017 9:04 PM

This pretty much said it all. Also, fun fact: Mick Hannah tried to play the rain game in Qualies - perhaps too well, landing in 78th...unfortunately he crashed so we don't have a good barometer for that tactic in the current iteration ... more »
Reply to How many riders in the 2017 Lourdes World Cup DH Top 10 will be on 29ers? 4/19/2017 12:13 PM

That Lost looks badass. The color makes it look like wood too which is wild.

Reply to The U.S. Downhill Racing Thread 4/18/2017 8:43 AM

Pans and Zooms on the Dad Cam! Yes!