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Reply to Do you ride with a pack? 1/8/2015 3:16 PM

I've gone the old school route a la Tinker Juarez and started riding with a backpack full of rocks. I think it's really helped me hone my packanimal skills, and I have learned a lot about bike maintenance and the varying ways a rock can fix and unfix ... more »

Reply to Do you think a World Cup DH career debut like Gwin's is possible anymore? 12/30/2014 4:13 PM

While skill will get you in the gate, mindset gets you down the track. Gwin changed the game with his headspace. His skills are exceptional, and his abilities went unmatched for two season, but it had less to do with physical prowess than it did with ... more »

Reply to Calling All Kiwis! 11/14/2014 7:00 PM

Aye Fab, check your PM's!

Reply to Calling All Kiwis! 11/10/2014 2:31 PM

Rock 'n roll! I'll shoot you a PM once I'm in NZ!

Reply to Calling All Kiwis! 11/9/2014 9:36 PM

That's what I like to hear! haha I'll be there at the end of the week, it would be cool to meet up!

Reply to Calling All Kiwis! 11/5/2014 10:03 AM

Thanks guys! I'll certainly be sure to bring you all along with me through some photo fun!

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 11/4/2014 3:40 PM

*Puts on sunglasses, and moonwalks out...*

But seriously guys, I have a hard time believing that Paul Mitchell is coming back to the sport - I think Head and Shoulders is going to be where Brad ends up. Polamalu is already doing great work ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 10/29/2014 3:40 PM
Reply to Red Bull Lawsuit Means You Could Get $10 Cash or $15 in Red Bull? 10/16/2014 8:00 AM

I want to know more about this Benjamin Careathers character. He sounds like a real piece of work. What was his series of emotions that lead him to finally file suit against one of the largest companies in the world? And what was the "the final straw" ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 10/15/2014 3:45 PM

^I'll admit that's a funny comparison, but fwiw, Carter was always on point a solid coach/manager. Look at how the boys did this year, clearly he knew how to help keep them focused and motivated (granted Troy and Aaron are two of the most motivated and ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 10/9/2014 8:42 AM

...is that seat mounted on a water bottle cage? Hmmm.

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 9/20/2014 8:51 AM

Stik, always hidin' the ace up his sleeve! (And the interest builds...) But, with that said, if there is such a division between KTM Moto and KTM Bike, does this mean there is no correlation with the speculation?

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 9/19/2014 10:34 AM

On a serious note, I agree. I think they are going to do it right, as there is now a good market for more boutique brands at a consumer-friendly price point. Being a leader in the moto world, and their platform of being able to work on their motorcycles ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 9/19/2014 9:22 AM

I heard that too - it's my understanding they will be revamping the Krate for XC/AM and Stringray into their 650b carbon fiber Enduro line, and the Speedster and Middleweights will come back as a new Al freerider and a carbon fiber 650b DH'er. There ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 9/14/2014 8:10 AM

Team Rumors, URGENT NEWS : "Downhill racing for 2015 has been cancelled. After giving and interview, Gee Atherton helped the sport officially jump the shark when he voiced his interest in have DH racing be a part of the Winter Olympics . At the time, ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 9/9/2014 8:34 AM

*you're (just kidding, but really) I think the only other conclusion to be drawn [#rimshot] from this is could be Beer to Sunn, Heart and Dale to KTM and just Cole on YT. Look at the trends of the teams on there, and consider who likes to hangout with ... more »

Reply to 2015 Racing Rumours - MTB Musical Chairs 9/8/2014 10:00 PM

Cole and Beer to YT Heart to Sunn Neko to Intense Troy to Sram/TLD Ragot to Scott Blenki to Norco Dale to KTM Needles to Mondraker How'd I do?

Reply to Whistle Blower 7/8/2014 9:45 AM

This story was the second incident that prompted me to write about this issue. I excluded it only because I didn't want rampant guessing and hyperbole to flame up regarding the outcome of a potentially disastrous clash between riders. I was glad to hear ... more »

Reply to Whistle Blower 7/7/2014 10:07 PM

Thanks Spomer! Glad it's on-point, and relatable. I am interested as well to hear people's thoughts. Also: WAG: Wives and Girlfriends BAH: Boyfriends and Husbands (HAB is also acceptable)