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Tucker wants in. He just isn't too into #thespiritofenduro - course cutting is his game. Tucker is his name.

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That's such nonsense about Anneke's performance. She had a great year, especially at Whistler, if we use your logic then Curtis gets the boot over Anneke for sure...

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To me it doesn't look quite right, something odd about the shape...

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seriously, first proflex stops using elastamers and now this

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Beautiful shot!

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You should check out the Norrøna Fjora Lightweight Shorts. I'm 6'2" and most longer shorts, despite claiming they are 'long', are always a bit short on me. I've tried all kinds of brands and the Norrøna's are awesome. Comes with plenty of waist adjustment, vents, etc. Only available through though. But worth trying. Not cheap though.

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looks like someone is riding a bike a size or 2 too small

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Gorgeous bike. seems really well thought out

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I dig it.

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Looks like something that I'd build.

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Ticks all the boxes for me, although I just replaced the pads and roc loc on my old Xen only a week ago. Dangit.

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From Turner when I asked the queston: "If one has ever built a bike with internal cable routing knows its a pain in the ass. I don't intend to force RFX buyers to drag their unfinished build to a dealer for pro fishing help. And lets face it, most mtb's 'internal' routing is a f'ing joke. barely skipping...more

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Wishing u a speedy recovery!

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wow..congrats to Richie, so young and talented.
Old School boys like Nico and Barrel still kick ass as usual.