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Added a comment about feature Win a SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain - Vital OTB Leogang, Austria World Cup 6/14/2014 8:12 AM

A. Gwin- 3:13.50
R. Atherton- 3:36.50

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Added a comment about product review Tested: Spank Oozy Trail295 Bead Bite Wheels 5/10/2014 11:47 AM

I've had my eye on these for a while, but I can't find them in stock anywhere! Step up the production Spank!! I want to buy your wheels!

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Added a comment about feature Win a SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain - Vital OTB 2014 Cairns World Cup 4/25/2014 10:31 AM

G. Atherton- 4:07.73
R. Atherton- 4:58.94

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Added a comment about feature Win a SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain - Vital OTB 2014 Pietermaritzburg World Cup 4/11/2014 4:16 PM

Gwin: 3:59.24
Kintner: 4:32.78

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Added a comment about product review 2014 Test Sessions: Orbea Rallon X-LTD 4/1/2014 8:23 AM

Kinda sounds like the bike by which all others will be measured this year. Could you give a quick comparison to the '14 Slash? These are the two bikes I am losing sleep over these days.

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Added a comment to dirtybikes's bike check 3/12/2014 10:10 AM

Murdered!! I like it

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Started new thread 2013 Trek Remedy 9.8, 15.5"- $3380 shipped 3/9/2014 2:57 PM

2013 Remedy 9.8, size small (15.5"), in great shape. Carbon front triangle and seatstays. 150mm (5.9") front and rear travel, adjustable geometry, full floater suspension with split pivot (ABP). Fox Float fork, Fox Float DRCV shock ... more »

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Liked a bike check Aunt Samantha THE Klunker 11/6/2013 12:24 PM
Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox BoXXer World Cup & Vivid Rear Shock - Vital OTB 2013 World Champs 8/31/2013 6:07 PM

Jared Graves- 3:50:32
Rachel Atherton - 4:23:48

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox Vivid Rear Shock & Reverb Seatpost - Vital OTB Mont Sainte Anne 8/9/2013 1:48 PM

Minnar: 3:59:75
Atherton: 4:38:23

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Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox Vivid Rear Shock - Vital OTB Andorra 7/26/2013 11:19 AM

Sam Hill 4:16:75
Rachel Atherton 4:57:57

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Liked a bike check Transition Covert 29 W/Deity Blue Bits & Carbon 6/28/2013 7:45 AM
Added a comment about feature Win a RockShox Vivid Rear Shock - Vital OTB Val di Sole 6/14/2013 10:40 AM

Steve Smith- 3:12.475
Rachel Atherton- 3:47.728

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Updated bike check Transition Bandit w/ Deity Bling 4/2/2013 2:37 PM
Updated bike check Transition Bandit w/ Deity Bling 4/2/2013 2:37 PM
Added a product review for DT Swiss 240S Disc Hub 10/23/2012 11:55 AM

The Standard By Which All Others Are Measured


The Good: Featherweight Simple and serviceable Bombproof reliability That unmistakable Hugi sound Adaptability

The Bad: Slow engagement Price


I have been on DT 240s for over 10 years. In those 10 years the only service that has been required is a simple regrease of the internals every year or so, depending on mileage, which requires no specialized tools. In my opinion, these hubs are the gold standard for reliability, serviceability, and weight. The new ones are especially great as the interchangeable end caps allow you to run 9/15/20mm in the front or 135x10 or 142x12 in the back. Gotta love that!

The engagement is a little slow by today's standards but I guess I don't mind it because I have never been left wanting for quicker engagement. Yes, they are spendy but if you want the best, it comes at a price.

Save your pennies, buy 240s and never buy another hubset again.

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Added a product review for Chromag Moon DT Saddle 10/23/2012 11:42 AM

Good for Gravity/Freestyle, Not Good for Trail


The Good: Graphics Burly Construction Secure feel when steering from the inner-thighs

The Bad: Wide profile, hard to get behind Heavy


It didn't take me long to find that the Chromag Moon was not the saddle I was looking for. I put it on my trail bike and found the profile to be too wide for my liking. I kept rubbing my inner thighs on the edges as I was trying to get behind the saddle. I also found it uncomfortable to sit on for extended periods but that could've just been a disagreement with my arse and the Moon. Your arse may give you different feedback.

For standing riding (DH, etc) the Moon was great. The saddle felt secure between the legs and really let me put some english into the rear of the bike when needed.

If you are looking for a new saddle for your XC/Trail bike, you might wanna keep looking unless you like wide saddles. If you are looking for a steering wheel  for your legs, look no further.

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Added a product review for Lezyne Micro Floor Drive HV Mini Pump 10/23/2012 11:27 AM

A Floor Pump for the Trail


The Good: Lightweight Easy to service Secure thread-on valve chuck for presta and schrader

The Bad: Threads for chuck on pump base can get easily damaged or filled with debris when in use Foot peg is small which sinks in soft soils and is unstable on rocky surfaces T-handle is small and leads to my knuckles contacting the top of the air chamber at full compression in certain grip positions.


Flats suck. This pump doesn't change that fact but it does make the process of getting back on the trail much more enjoyable. Classic hand pumps require awkward bracing to keep the chuck attached to the valve. This pump does away with that by using a flexible hose and thread-on chuck so that you can inflate a tire without the risk of breaking/bending a valve or tearing a tube. Classic hand pumps also typically require so much shoulder and arm muscle to bring a large volume MTB tire to proper inflation that when the tire is finally aired up (after three rests to shake out the arms), you barely have the energy left to ride home. This isespecially the case with multiple flats. Not so with the Lezyne! This pump is basically a floor pump for the trail. The pumping action uses your whole body, not just your arms and shoulders to inflate the tire. This keeps more fuel in the tank for the ride and also makes for a quicker inflation time as you don't have to take breaks to let your arms recover.

When I first saw this pump in the showroom I thought it looked too big and heavy for trail use, and then I picked it up. It feels like a feather as it weighs only 150g! Once I felt the weight and was given a demonstration on how efficiently the pump worked, I was sold. While I haven't timed myself, I can say with confidence that this pump has cut down my inflation times substantially. It is especially noticeable when airing up a large volume 29er tire.

The Lezyne pump fits perfectly in the specified pump pocket in my Dakine pack and is barely noticeable. I have not used the water bottle mount so I cannot comment on it's functionality but I would reason to guess that it is not the best frame pump option as it's a bit bulky and the hose could come off if extra caution isn't taken to secure it.

There are a couple of things that I take issue with on the Lezyne. First, the threads at the base of the pump body that are used to secure the hose and chuck when not in use, get filled with small rocks and debris while pumping and have to be cleaned out before the pump can be stowed. Second, the foot peg is quite small which leads to instability on uneven or soft surfaces. Lastly, the T-handle is small which makes it a little uncomfortable to grip. I find myself switching hand positions frequently to avoid hitting my knuckles on the end of the air chamber.

In summary, if you dread having to air up a flat tire using a little dinky hand pump that wears you out and makes you look like a wanker, try the Lezyne. It's not perfect but it sure is a hell of an improvement over the alternatives.

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Added a product review for SRAM X.9 Rear Derailleur 9/26/2012 4:57 PM

I Miss the Old SRAM


The Good: easy to tune, good value, nice color options

The Bad: flimsy cage, less than optimal shifting performance


While there are certainly qualities to like about this new X.9 derailleur from SRAM, there are a few to gripe about too.

I have been running the 10sp X.9 for 3 months now. It replaced a 10sp X.7 when I bent that cage bent beyond repair. Looking to upgrade to a D that was more durable but wouldn't break the bank, I landed with the X.9 on my tool bench. Initial impressions were good, it installed with no drama, and was painless to dial into proper tension and alignment.

The shifting performance of the X.9 felt just about the same, maybe a touch quicker, as the X.7 it replaced, which was no slouch. I suppose my complaint stems from using 9sp SRAM drivetrains from the mid/late 2000's that had a snappy, secure feel. The old SRAM drivetrain feel has been lost in this new generation. The new stuff feels more like Shimano than SRAM. In fact, if it weren't for differences in shifters, I am not sure if you could tell a difference between the two nowadays.

I have also found that this D is not as stout or stable as I would have liked. It takes very little misguided force to through off the derailleur alignment. In the three short months I have been running the X.9 I have frequently had to stop mid ride to inspect and adjust the D because it started skipping or shifting poorly, sometimes without external force to the derailleur. One hill it's fine, the next it's skipping through gears 4-6. Kinda peculiar and quite annoying.

Overall, the X.9 gets the job done in a stylish, lightweight package that is easy to setup. Like most people, I prefer as little fuss out of my drivetrain as possible. The less your D is on your mind, the better it's working. With the X.9, I find myself thinking about it's unpredictable shifting performance a lot and find myself giving quick little turns of the barrel adjuster here and there to keep things running smoothly. Kinda fussy if you ask me.

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Updated bike check Transition Bandit w/ Deity Bling 9/25/2012 7:49 AM