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Drew Bezanson-grade amplitude and technicality

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I think aside from Redbull putting more money into event coverage, the FEST SERIES is the coolest thing happening in the sport right now. I get it, Enduro is sweet too, but this is just too cool.

Added a comment about video A winter's Day at Barnum Bike Park 3/12/2015 1:09 PM

going Hoff in 2015!

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talk about training without training nice. Oh and yeah with stunts like at :53 I feel like bingelli needs to get in on some 2015 fest series!

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Added a comment about video One of the Most Talented Riders You've Never Heard Of - Alexander Belevskiy 11/13/2014 9:39 AM

Dang those are legit ramps looks like mike spinners back yard returned from the dead!

Super legit mix of styles. Dirt and street edits coming soon I hope

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Added a comment about video The Best Local Trail Ever Built 10/22/2014 7:36 PM

Definitely reluctant to agree with best local trail ever but after 2 and a half minutes I was sold.

Good job out there.

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Inevitably, adding more races will increase the competitiveness of WC racing. The real question is, is this necessary? Looking back at 2014 reveals one of the most pitted battles for world cup overall. Each of the top three riders of the year had one ... more »

Added a comment about press release Evolve Action Sports Park Prepares to Open Its Doors 10/11/2014 11:20 PM

Ah yeah the park was butter halfway built, I can't wait to see what it is like complete!

Thanks Chris and everybody else who made it happen.

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Added a comment about slideshow SLIDESHOW: Wildest World Champs Ever? Victory and Carnage in Hafjell, Norway 9/8/2014 8:59 AM

Checkers or Wreckers has been a cliché term thrown around for a long time at world champs.

We have a little bit til next season, how bout some reflections? Can anybody think of other notable performances which didn't get the rainbow stripes? In my book, Mulally and Flatboy Bryce are tied in notoriety forever as winners who didn't win at world champs.

I still enforce Ricky Bobby's quote 2nd is the first loser, but this race is definitely an exception.

Oh yeah, thanks vital for everything

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Added a comment about video Remy Métailler Burns the Whistler Bike Park 8/28/2014 9:32 PM

Hearsay is that Remy's BOS forks have custom crowns that are longer so he can whip that much further........

only possible explanation

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the bike is to heavy on the right side so it got off line

Added a comment about photo Nicholi Rogatkin - 3rd Place 7/27/2014 3:03 PM

I could be wrong but I think Rogatkin was pursuing the same run that put him on top in qualifications for his final runs.

It is a good run but you gotta leave something in the tank for finals.

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Added a comment about video Semenuk and Crew Get the Keys to Highland : Life Behind Bars Episode 6 7/2/2014 3:20 PM

It's really cool to see Chase throwin down moves on the DH bike.

It'd also be a really cool day for mtb if someone won a slopestyle contest with a triple clamp fork. (Not including rampage or chattel).

Dunno if it will happen, but I can always hope

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[/img] This post wouldn't be anything without showing this relic off. Or should I say romic? Sorry there is no picture of the full build. Definitely had some classic old parts though. Azonic hot seat, 24X3 inch rear tire, and even some ... more »

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2000 Specialized Hardrock Comp 2001 KHS DH-50 2003 Yeti DJ 2006 Demo 8 2009 Spank Tweet Tweet 2011 Transition TOP A single track bike is inevitable at some point though...

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Self Advocacy. As a user group, mtbers have traditionally been left out in the cold. Open space managers saw mtb as a huge risk for user conflict back in the day. Everyone has had their local spot dozed. This didn't last long, as people who mountain ... more »