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Got to 2 minutes then switched off after the guy crashed on the step down. The risk to reward ratio for this event was ridiculous, and it didn't even look impressive to watch. It was fortunate that someone didn't leave with permanent injuries, or worse. McGarry was lucky. Red Bull have brought so many positive things to our sport but this wasn't one of them. The less said about this event the better.

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Well, that only strengthens my point - ACC is a female - Makes Greg the Most "Winingest Male."

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Courtesy of Uncle Cliffy.

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yeah, quite likely his pedal.

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dizzmcfuck, you're worthless. You can't root for anyone else? So sad out of all the rad results, from Remi's 2nd place, to Neko's great start to the season and one of my favorite's, crazy Mike Jone's top 10, you've got to focus on a negative, and wish ill upon a rider's luck tomorrow? You've either never raced, or just been one to have excuses when you do. It is cool that Gee puts himself out there and says he tries 100%. He messes up a lot, and sometimes has rad runs. He's not one of my favorite riders to watch, but I certainly respect the effort. You might be able to learn a thing or two.

Go NEKO!!!

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A simple explanation is that the oil damper controls how much the spring is allowed to move. The oil has two pathways (HSC or LSC) when the fork is compressed and each of these pathways has a "valve" so to speak to regulate when the oil is allowed to take each compression route. Each compression pathway has a separate rebound pathway back to the main chamber which can be regulated (HSR and LSR).

When the shock moves slowly over a small bump the low velocity/impulse/force moves the oil through the low speed compression route. Usually this is stiff on the compression to resist movement (of the spring) and free flowing on the rebound to allow the spring's force to quickly get the shock back to its resting position ready for the next bump.

In the high speed compression situation the high velocity/impulse/force allows the oil to move via the high speed compression route. This route requires that the high speed velocity threshold to be surpassed. Once it is surpassed, the spring is free to move during the compression to soak up the huge drop, but will slowly rebound to resist the spring snapping back to its resting position and bucking the rider.

To answer your question, the high speed and low speed are separate situations and the fork will behave differently according to which path the oil flowed through. No, the LSR doesn't take over from HSR once the damping slows the fork's movement. When the fork is bottomed out the slow rebound damping is taking place because the oil has taken HSC and HSR oil routes.

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I think most people with high-end bikes (and in theory more disposable income) tend to be enthusiasts and decent home mechanics, and as a result they don't need to take their rides to the shop as often. When I was a mechanic most of my time was spent fixing low-end bikes and commuters, though I did occasionally see some nice rides. Point being, perhaps those that would be willing to spend more on a good tune/service are already taking care of it themselves. As a result it's hard to justify a price hike.

Then again, does a low-end ride typically require less work or precision than a high-end one? Not usually.

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My personal opinion, waste of talent for Richie Rude. This sucks balls. Good luck to the team, I hope they pin it to win it.
DH won't be quite the same though.

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