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WC Wet Dreams


The Good: -Low Leverage Ratio -Slack Head Angle -Supple Suspension -Tracks like a dream. -Flickable -Super Stiff -Looks Sick

The Bad: -Doesn't come in Purple?

Overall: I was loaned a Makulu for a Gravity East race. The bike I rode was a custom sized frame, with a full degree slacker HA than stock. The first thing I noticed was how confidence inspiring the bike was. I could immediately put the bike where I wanted and it tracked like a dream. Pedal feedback was virtually non-existent. It was extremely stable through the air and and really stuck to the ground. Fast, fast, and faster. It carries speed so effortlessly that you find yourself coming into sections a lot faster than normal. The 2.1:1 leverage ratio is fantastic, coming off a Commencal Supreme DH with a much higher ratio the Makulu blows the Supreme away. Small bump sensitivity and big hit plushness makes it flow down the trail like its on rails. But its not so soft that you lose contact and feel with the trail. I must reiterate the fact that this bike just simply makes you go faster. I was riding sections of the track faster than i should've and was still comfortable enough to go faster. I could push this bike and keep pushing. The more time spent on it the faster it gets. I cant wait to build mine this weekend. WOOOOOOO!!!!!

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@bizutch: No Richard still owns Morewood.

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