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How did you extensively try a DVO when production on the Emerald did not start until late 2013? You posted this review in March 2013.

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Best fork on the Market!!


The Good: Amazing small bump performance, Does not dive, Handles big hits like a champ

The Bad: None so far


I have been riding an Emerald for 6 months and have yet to find a fault with it. If an air spring fork and a coil spring fork had a baby. it would be an Emerald.

Every time I ride this fork I feel more and more confident in loose, off-camber, choppy sections, and I feel like I can push it faster and faster. I have been in several situations where I thought I was going to wash out or go over the bars, yet have stayed on 2 wheels every time. My experience with other forks made me think I was for sure going to eat some dirt.

The OTT(Off-The-Top) adjuster makes trail side tuning a breeze. You can adjust how soft or stiff you want the fork to feel in the first part of the travel. For hard pack trails I run it a little stiffer(Turn the adjuster counter-clockwise) For loose, more slippery trails, I run it softer for more traction(Turn the adjuster clockwise) Other forks you would have to adjust pressure and or low speed compression to try and accomplish this.

This fork does not dive!! I've ridden plenty of super steep chunky sections and have never found myself too far on the front wheel. Again, it makes me push myself faster and faster.

Not only does it kill small bumps and steep chunky sections, it jumps like a champ as well. It is poppy on small jumps and doesn't lag on big jumps. I have landed to flat several times and have been blown away by how stable the fork was when I landed and how little feedback there was to my hands.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with this fork. No leaking and no scratches thanks to the CTA. Once I set the air pressure and compression settings and have been able to leave the fork alone. I do not find myself having to mess with compression settings for every trail, I use just the OTT.

Thanks DVO for making such an awesome product!!!

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The best thing about this new gruppo. Clearance!!!!!! Running a 10 tooth in the rear means you can run a 30-34 tooth chainring. Today we have lower and lower BB's, more clearance is something a lot of us can use. As someone who has broken plenty of chain guides, I see this system giving me more confidence in the chunky chunk. Right now my chain guide is a 36-40 version. I would love to use one that was designed for a 32 tooth.

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Same weekend as Sea Otter

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This fork will make you faster

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See, fedup2 is just jealous of Nik's mad skillz. Keep on shredding Nik

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Mary Moncorge rippin it!!

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Criag!!!!! Looks so fun

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hey, that's fylin 'Ryan

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