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Added a product review for MRP AMg V2 Chainguide 8/16/2015 1:13 PM

No nonsense guide to protect your investment


The Good: Light'ish (i have the alloy version, also comes in carbon). Quiet Super easy install looks great protects your chain ring added peace of mind

The Bad: Not cheap but relative to other bike parts its a bargain


I have used an XX1 setup since it came out. Originally with a 32t ring up front and no guide. The narrow-wide ring + the clutch does wonders for keeping your chain on however its by far not guaranteed to stay on. In the past 3'ish years I've dropped my chain probably 5 times and I noticed it had become much more frequent as the chain aged. After a chain swap i found it was tight as can be yet I was still clocking my ring on rocks and such. Something like this guide is the perfect solution. It fits rings down to 26 in size (now I'm using a 28), the install took literally 5 min without evening having to remove my cranks, it's very quiet and there is no possible way I can see my chain pop off. Add in some ring protection and you have yourself a great investment. Speaking of, it isn't cheap... but what is in the MTB world. At least it is cheaper than new carbon cranks. I'm very happy w/ what the guys at MRP put together. Great product.

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Added a product review for 2015 Santa Cruz X01 AM 27.5" Nomad Carbon Bike 6/29/2014 5:26 PM

The Nomad new but not quite there.


The Good: Doesn't wander around going up

The Bad: Short TT // Feels tall // Deflects // Not so great turning


I was pretty pumped to ride the new Nomad today. Did I like it?

I took a Large demo with a 160mm 34 CTD, Monarch Plus, Shimano 1X10 and XT Trail. Blue & Magenta. The dude set the suspension up for weight and I was off.

The fit was interesting. It felt very short for a large, similar to the Bronson, and taller than expected.

The climb up the road was good. The bike is light and pedaled real well. The front end didn't wander around which was nice given the fork was at 160mm and the frame has a 65HTa.

The descent into Upper Hide & Seek was interesting. The first turn felt gyroscopic and reminded me of a 29'er. The short feel of the frame made me feel like I was way over the front end. When it got rough the bike started to deflect and was very skittish. I checked the tire pressure it was high so I dropped the weight down. The bike now gripped better but still felt terrible when it was rough. This made me start braking earlier into turns and other obstacles which made me feel like I went through slower than usual. Rolling on smooth, fast, straight sections felt great. The bike carried speed well and slowed quickly when braking.

At Lower Hide & Seek I switched with my buddy Dennis and tried the Tallboy LT 29'er with a 140 32 (i think) Enve hoops, narrow Easton flat bar and Shimano group.

The bike felt instantly more plush and was great on flowy trail and was very lively on the fast bermed turns. Tight berms felt great for a big wheeler too. The bike was moderately snappy. Jumping it felt pretty good, with the exception of the fork topping out. I would set the component spec on the Tallboy up differently but I overall it was good.

Back on the Nomad for the last bit of trail I double checked the shock and fork pressure given how much the bike was deflecting. The pressure was more than I would normally run so I let some air out and went down the trail to the lot. The bike still jumped around a lot and felt like I was turning a cardboard box but wasn't as bad as before.

I think SC had good intentions with the Nomad but the just missed the mark on a few things. Lengthening the front triangle would feel better and dropping the BB a bit wouldn't hurt. It might make the bike feel less tall and compact.

Fix those and put a vivid air and a better fork and we would likely fix some of my gripes. I still need to get a handle on 650b wheels. I've been on 3 bikes sporting the wheel size and I haven't really felt the advantages beyond some advantage climbing. On Descents I've felt a bit more stability at speed and over rough obstacles but not much. Turning this wheel size feels way more like a wagon wheel than anything else. The verdict is still out but so far 26 is may more fun for me. I think I need to try 650b on my bike for a final say.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs Moto Shorts 5/31/2013 1:00 PM

These are DH shorts through and through


The Good: Abrasive resistant material, flexible crotch gusset, dialed fitting, last forever.

The Bad: Warmer than normal shorts.


The Troy Lee Design Moto short is made from a super durable polyester for the ultimate protection against nasty fall. At a glance they're a great short but really its the finer touches that really make these things shine.

If you're not familiar with them then this is what you need to know. I've been using these shorts since 2006 and as a whole they haven't changed too much. The material their made from is the almost the exact same if not the same. These things are tough but feel a bit rougher than you're typical riding short. That's because they're made to last after repeated abuse. Don't expect to be sending these in for a JRA warranty because they're not ripping unless you come at them with some power tools. The rougher feel quickly gets forgotten about though while you're riding. In 2006 they didn't hinder movement and now in 2013 they provider even more freedom. TLD added a few years back a stretch crotch yoke to flex in all directions without it getting snagged on your rig.

The crotch yoke is just the start of the little details that put these shorts on the top of the podium. Other features that are must haves are:

1. Ratchet fitting system: This kicks ass. Velcro straps on other shorts get gunked up with lint or wear out over time. This thing is robust and dials in a super secure waist fit.

2. Zippers suck. Especially if you're wearing gloves and a neck brace. TLD knows this so what did they put together? A magnetic cargo pocket. It's a cinch to grab a fiver for a hot dog at Zoggs without having to completely derobe.

3. The mesh liner has been improved. Although these shorts still get hot. In the last 7 years they've gotten plenty more breathable. Thanks TLD.

All in all these things are amazing. At first they seem expensive at almost $90.00 for a pair but you're going to have them for at least 7 years and they'll probably be around still after you've turned into dirt.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs BP7605 Protect Short 5/31/2013 9:52 AM

TLD BP7605 w/ Shock Doctor, 3 Seasons of Use


The Good: Low profile protection, moisture management, easy to wash, excellent coverage, light weight, easy to take on and off

The Bad: Silicone strip in leg opening


The BP7605 is Troy Lee's top end protective short created with Shock Doctor, X-Fit and a bunch of other patented technologies... That's great and all but how does it work? I tested it all out for three full seasons to find out. Here are my thoughts.

Fit: The best way to describe how these fit would be to explain how they fit me. First lets get an understanding of my length and girth. When I got these I was 190lbs with a 34 inch waist and a 32 inch inseam so based off the the sizing guide from a variety of websites (couldn't find one on the TLD site) I picked up a large. The initial fit actually felt a bit snug around the waist but felt true throughout the rest. After having them on for about 2 minutes and a couple of test squats I realized that they snuggness is only in the elastic waist to keep the shorts in place while riding and by no means is it uncomfortable. The rest of the short is form fitting with no real areas where they're baggy. Padding should stay in place in the event of a fall. Length is true to size with the opening at the base of the quad. It's snug but also very flexible so circulation won't be cut off. TLD put a silicone strip at the opening of the leg to "prevent" slipping and while standing that seems like it makes sense... but more on that later.

What about my shorts, do I need to start sizing up? I didn't. Sure the shorts feel a bit more snug but they still fit well without any barriers to movement. Granted I mainly use the Sombrio Charger and the TLD Moto shorts which are a bit baggier but even with my Sombrio Badass trail short I have plenty of room. Keep in mind that waist band doesn't add much if any girth to your waist. Only where the padding is located is where you'll feel a bit more substance.

After 3 seasons do they still fit? I have used the TLD BP7605 shorts for three seasons now and the fit is still true. Since I purchased these I have actually lost 20lbs and have a 30 inch waist. Oddly enough the material comfortably stretches and retracts so well that they still fit. I could probably move down to a medium at this point but I still don't notice any movement or slipping.

Areas of Protection: The TLD BP7605 short covers a lot of real estate. In total there are three leg pads for each leg and one small tail bone pad. On the inner thigh there is a softer pad and an integrated chamois. You'll first notice the largest pads in the system that sit right on your hip and upper outer thigh. This pad is situated in an area that normally hits the ground first. TLD obviously recognized this making the hip/upper thigh pad more robust and it bends less than the others in the system. Below are three pads that lay horizontal. These seem to support the larger pad for when your leg hits the ground after your upper leg takes the initial impact. On the rear there is a small tail bone protector that seems to cover enough without getting in the way of your shorts. The material on the inner thigh soft to the touch and isn't designed for absorbing heavy impacts. This area is in place for saddle rubbing.

Performance: How does the protective short fair? Over my three season in these shorts I've taken a fair share of falls. More than I can recall actually. Given that I'm a natural hack I fall in unorthodox places as well as the places you'd expect riders to go down. The shorts have been excellent. I originally decided to get them after a trip to Whistler resulted in two bruised femurs. Since I have yet to bruise another bone and my leg bruises/scratches have been reduced dramatically I have been very surprised at the level of protection because they're not large bulky pads. They cover just enough to keep your legs safe without hindering your movement. What about the chamois, does it work? Yes and no. I wouldn't replace my go-to crotch pads for all day rides with shorts but I have found they you can actually wear them over the top of your normal chamois without getting excess movement or rub. What I find interesting is that these have actually migrated their way into my trail riding activities as well. Normally I used them exclusively for downhill but really never noticed them while riding so I decided to give them a shot while on longer all day up/down rides. They've been excellent. I wear them with a thinner Sugio chamois and I don't get any rash from being in the saddle for 4+ hours.

Are they hot though and do they start to stink? Any short is going to get warm on a summer day and you'll really start to notice a short when you start sweating. These have been great however. The lyrca material manages sweat by wicking it from you body efficiently keeping your legs and tush dry to keep rash at bay. TLD included an anti-microbial material to help with the stink but after a few hot summer rides without a wash they start to develop a funk. There is no better cure for bacteria than killing it with a nice wash.

Easy to wash? It's not hard but you definitely need to pay attention. I normally leave the removable pads in because they absorb stink along with the rest of the short. Keep your eyes peeled though when pulling them from machine because some pads can work their way out and you'll need to remember to put them back in before you wait a week, find the pad and say "what the hell does this go to?" and throw it out because you're too lazy to figure it out. Line drying is relatively quick so it can be done overnight before a morning ride.

Improvements: I only have one gripe with these and it's the same gripe I have with bibs and lyrca shorts. Silicone lined leg openings: For me, it's obnoxious. It's designed to keep the leg in place. It actually does the opposite. On very rare occasion one leg with ride up and the silicone strip keeps it up around my thigh. If the silicone strip wasn't there the short leg would just fall back to it's native resting spot, especially with the stiffness of the leg padding to keep it in place. When it rides up the lower three pads bunch making it uncomfortable. Silicone + sweat = sticky friction. I mitigate this with a little dusting of baby powder before a ride.

Bottom Line: Would I recommend these to my mom? Yup. They've done their job in an excellent way and for $80.00 retail (found for $70.00 online) I can't ask too much more. Solid construction that TLD is known for is present throughout the entire package. They've lasted three season of riding DH/Trail and still look and fit like new. My favorite part is the lack of The Grimace colored bruises from thigh to cheek since pulling these on.

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Added a product review for KS LEV Adjustable Seatpost 5/30/2013 3:52 PM

Are adjustable posts worth it?


The Good: Works, looks great, no hose at the bottom of the saddle

The Bad: Spendy and heavy compared to nonadjustable


I was a skeptic of adjustable posts until I got a Reverb and I loved it. It didn't make me a better rider but just more comfortable and I could do more with a push of a button. Here is what I like about the KS:

1. No more getting off my bike to adjust my seat (duh)

2. This post is very clean compared to my Reverb which was good but lacked hose management

3. The lever on this one is great and very robust

4. Infinite travel is a must have and this one works flawlessly

Here is what I don't like:

1. Price, this bugger is spendy

2. Availability, when I was buying it was hard to find. Had to settle for 125 when I wish i could have gotten a 150

3. They should include a cable noodle for the bars to clean it up. I used a zip tie to connect it with my brake hose which manages the cable well but the hose noodle is so much cleaner.

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Added a product review for Schwalbe Nobby Nic Evolution Tire 5/29/2013 9:46 PM

Lots of grip and plenty of rip, Trailstar w/ snakeskin


The Good: grippy, predictable, quick roller

The Bad: wear fast, flats!!!!, spendy for such a short life span


Here is what I like.

1. Predictable throughout all angles of the tire

2. rolls quick

4. Grippy on all surfaces so far

5. Light

6. Stiffish sidewall for such a light tire

Here is hat I don't like

1. Flats, I get a lot of flats with these tires, probably because of how light they are

2. Knobs wear very quick

3. Wobbly! It's a bitch to get these things on straight. My buddy has the same issue.

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Added a product review for FOX 40 FIT RC2 Fork 5/29/2013 9:37 PM

great but holy crap it was a lot of work/$$$ to keep working


The Good: stiff, adjustable, confidence inspiring

The Bad: a lot of money in upkeep


Performance wise this fork was great when it worked. I had mine for 3 seasons and it got rebuilt twice and was serviced often by a legit shop with a certified fox mech. With all that it still caused a lot of headaches. It squeaked, knocked and spewed oil a lot. I had to get a whole new dampener after a trip to Whistler then about 2 months later it needed new seals after I had just replaced them. I can go on and on but i must've just had some crap luck because my buddies didn't have as many issues as I did. I'd still give the 40 another shot because I've had 3 36's and my girlfriend has a 36 and they work flawlessly.

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Added a product review for Banshee Paradox Frame 5/29/2013 9:27 PM

I wanted an XC bike and I got a trail shredder


The Good: forward thinking 29r that is now copied

The Bad: could be a bit slacker


This was my 1st 29r and my 1st hardtail since I owed my Yeti DJ back in 2005 and my Cannondale F700 before that in1998. I really enjoyed this bike and road it quite a bit. If i didn't have to consolidate my garage I'd still have this. I also have a feeling I'll own one again and here is why.

1. Rolls over anything

2. Stiff and efficient

3. best looking 29r hardtail

4. short stays

5. was slacker than anything out when it came out

6. rips downhill

They revised it recently and slacked it out a bit more + they lowered it and added a DM front derailleur. Honestly though I'd only ride this thing as a 1 by.

I always enjoyed riding it faster on more technical trails or certain sections other guys on their super AM bikes either walked or tip toed down.

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Added a product review for Banshee Wildcard Frame 5/29/2013 9:18 PM

Had his from 2009 to 2012


The Good: great geo, durable, stiff and versatile

The Bad: a bit porky


I had 2 builds on this frame. 1 at 41lbs and the other at 36 or under. with the adjustable travel/geo this bike could be low and slack or a bit taller with more travel. Normally i ran it in the 6.5" mode. This bike was at home at Blackrock, Post Canyon and on the flowier Whistler trails. It make jumping effortless. The bike was confidence inspiring too. I've hit some of the biggest stuff I've done on this frame. If they didn't make the Rune V2 I'd still have it. But sadly I needed to consolidate my garage and that included selling this frame. I kind of regret it now while writing this review because it was so damn fun.

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Added a product review for Chromag MTB Chainring 5/29/2013 8:59 PM

I want to put this on all my 1 by's.


The Good: amazing build quality, solid ano, solid weight, graphics are good without going over the top

The Bad: Wide narrow? Maybe? soon? please?


You can tell the paid attention when designing and making this ring. The ano is strong, it's light and the graphics looks solid. Once they make this is in wide/narrow I'll pick one up to replace the sram one on my 1x11.

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Added a product review for Chromag Moon Saddle 5/29/2013 8:55 PM

Grey and White - I have them both


The Good: Ti rails, solid finish, slim slim slim, comfy, closeout price

The Bad: Hate getting it dirty


My grey saddle is on my Rune which I pedal for extended periods of time. My white one is for my Legend which I'll sit on riding to the lifts. What can you say? It has Ti rails, synthetic leather (durable) and has excellent graphics without being obnoxious. I sit on this thing for hours on end sometimes without a chamois and only after an all day w/ few breaks does my tush start to ache. I say thats pretty rad for such a slim saddle. Oh did i mention I bought both on closeout for $50.00 each.

Chromag's service kills too. My grey one was lost by USPS. I emailed Chromag and they had a new one to me in 3 days. From BC to Oregon across the board. No questions asked they hooked me up. There is a reason when I decided to rebuild my Legend i covered it in Chromag. These guys make awesome stuff and take care of their customers.

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Added a product review for Deity Fantom DM Stem 5/29/2013 8:49 PM

Not my 1st direct mount stem


The Good: looks great, solid machining, stiff, holds my bars trouble free, 2 positions, not expensive.

The Bad: A whole lot of none


I hesitated when this came out and didn't buy one. In fact it took my until the Locust stem was teased to pick one of these up. Here was my situation. I fit right between a medium and a large Legend. Because it is a DH bike i opted for a medium. I probably should have gotten a large. I felt rear heavy a lot with little to no room for adjustment in my body position. It was either front heavy or rear heavy. I decided to get a longer stem to see if that made a difference. Luckily for me this made a good excuse to get the Fantom DM stem. I bolted it on in the 55mm position and haven't looked back. The bike feels great. Thanks Deity for helping me fit into my DH frame all the better.

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Added a product review for FOX 36 Talas 180 R Fork 5/29/2013 8:39 PM

Have 1 bike? Like gnar? Need to pedal? This is your fork


The Good: Adjustable, light'ish, surprisingly stiff. Looks good.

The Bad: Sticky travel adjust


I had this fork on my Banshee Wildcard after a rebuild of the bike. It used to be 41lbs when I had a Totem and other bricks on it. This fork was a key part of the build because i needed to drop weight, have travel adjust and still be able to have 7 inches. The fork was great. I would pedal up the hill at Post to session certain sections. I even took it up to Whistler and had a kickass time. My only issue was the travel adjust. It worked sometimes it'd get stuck down and i'd have to put my foot on the tire and lift up on the fork. If i still had a Freeride bike still I'd make sure this fork was up front.

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Added a product review for Chromag Ranger Stem 5/29/2013 8:26 PM

Have money? Give it to Chromag.


The Good: Stiff, solid finish, variety of lengths, looks solid.

The Bad: 35mm? Probably in the near future


Got one for my Rune when I was trying to save weight without compromising on performance. Holy cow! The guys at Chromag hit the nail on the head. I have the 45mm in red. I was going to get a Thomson stem but I'm glad I didn't. This thing keeps my bars close in a light package. The quality is excellent so i'm never worry about anything going wrong. The company does a kick ass job with their service too. I bought a saddle from them directly and USPS lost it. I shit them an email and BOOM they had one to me in 3 days with a boarder crossing. Most companies wouldn't probably get back to me in the time it took these guys to get me a new saddle. Hard to beat that kind of attention.

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Added a product review for Troy Lee Designs D3 Carbon Full Face Helmet 5/23/2013 9:42 AM

I have a big 'old dome


The Good: Fit, air flow, light weight and style

The Bad: price and some of the designs are ugly


Troy Lee does it right. I've owned a 661 evo, 661 evo carbon, TLD D2 and a TLD D3. I don't know what I was thinking wearing anything but the D3 now that I have one. If i could sum it up into one statement it'd be peace of mind. I have a big, oddly shaped head but the D3 fits excellent. It's very comfortable and secure without any pressure points. When you star riding you notice excellent ventilation. The face opening is solid too. Most goggles will fit without getting their air vents blocked by the helmet.

What you need to realized when you buy into TLD is that you buy into a service. These guys would look over my lid after every hard hit and tell me what kind of life it has left in it or if i should replace it. They've always been super fast in both responsiveness and shipping.

The only thing to frown at is how high the price is... but at the same time you have to realize you're getting a solid product that will protect you. In addition the non-carbon models are just as solid. There are plenty of companies online too that blow last years colors out for a slamming deal.

The TLD D3 gets Ryan D's thumbs up as a worthy buy.

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Added a product review for Avid X0 Trail Hydraulic Disc Brake Set 5/23/2013 9:00 AM

AVID's were always ok....


The Good: Strong but not sneaky strong (stupid ad). No fade, predictable, great modulation and lever feel. Not On/Off.

The Bad: Avid stigma of being garbage.

Overall: I like my Code brakes a lot and oddly enough I liked my Elixir 5's that came with my Banshee Paradox. I did have a set of Elixir CR's that were good but not great. They faded, needed bled twice a season and gobbled like a turkey regardless of the weather or season.

The XO Trail Brakes however are excellent. Very strong and they don't have the full on/full off feel other brakes in this niche do. My buddies all ride Shimano and swear by it, as they should because their brakes are excellent but I have to say I prefer XO Trail brakes to anything else I've tried. They even say that my XO's feel excellent. To get super zealous Shimano guys to admit anything SRAM feels good means that they knocked it out of the park with these. Given how well these have performed I feel like they'd be equally at home on a DH bike as they are on my Trail/AM bike.

Beyond the braking performance I have to say these brakes look good too. Clean lines and fit well on the bars. Mating them up with SRAM's match maker is a must. With bars getting overwhelmed with cable/hoses its real nice to have something like match maker for a hint of sanity in bar cleanliness.

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Added a product review for Leatt DBX Comp Neck Brace 5/23/2013 8:35 AM

I'm a hack.


The Good: Comfortable, no straps needed, its blue, removable pads, saves your neck

The Bad: It broke my collar bone


Ok, I know that "The Bad" sounds like a bad thing but really it's not when put into context because the thing probably did a lot to save my neck.

I had a season ending crash at one of our local downhill trails near Portland OR and among the many injuries that put me in the hospital for four days was a broken collar bone. Three different doctors all concluded, independently, based on my description of the fall that the brake was from a direct downward force to my right clavicle. Given the way i fell on my right side it had to be my helmet that pressed down into the brace that broke my collar bone. From what I understand this isn't unheard of and it sounds like Leatt has made some adjustments to the DBX Comp 4 brace to help mitigate this. Another solution to help limit the chance of a collar bone brake would be to wear proper armor underneath the brace so it distributes the load better. My buddy Gene uses a POC VPD 2.0 suit and says he never feels the brace pushing on him.

I want you to take that experience with a grain of salt however because as my review title suggests, I'm a hack and crash often. More often than not this brace has done its job, as it may have in my season ender. This experience has not discouraged me from wearing my brace at all. It did however make me revisit my thoughts on how little torso protection I wear.

Overall I suggest you get one of these. I read a report from Whistler saying that head/neck injuries were the 2nd most common at the bike park only after shoulder injuries. They do take some time to get used to and I suggest getting them fit properly. Take your time fitting it, watch the videos and even call Leatt for help. Since it does limit your head movement you'll find yourself looking down trail by moving your eyeballs up rather than tilting your head up. Originally I was getting headaches from this (I know, I'm a bag of problems) but this changed when I replaced my Moto GPX brace with this DBX one. This brace allows for further adjustment on the rear support to give you a bit more range of motion. In addition I believe fit was improved because I also changed from a helmet that wasn't designed with the brace in mind to a D3 which is.

In a nutshell, protect yourself so you can keep riding well past your 50's.

This ended my season. - More Mountain Bike Videos

I've fallen and I can't get up.

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Added a product review for Kali Protectives Aazis Soft Knee Pad 7/31/2012 4:23 PM

Looks cool and keeps you cool


The Good: Cool, Fit, Comfortable, Non-Slip, Killer looks.

The Bad: Have to take off shoe to put them on/off.


What a solid knee pad! They're so good I bought the knee/shin 180 combo for riding DH as well. I've taken some falls without the the pad budging and protection has been spot. Not to mention the pad looks good too, nothing crazy mind you.. just black and grey w/ a simple kali logo. I've had both the knee and knee/shin combo on in hot weather and my legs have always stayed relatively cool. They won't stay sweat free but what can you expect by strapping neoprene and plastic to your legs.

In the past I've used the 661 knee/shin race pads and the TLD knee/shin. The Kali pads are WAY more comfortable. Its like they glued some soft kitten fur on the inside to keep my legs pampered.

My only bitch is that I have to take my shoe off to take them on/off. Keeping that in mind the fit probably wouldn't be as good if I didn't. Given how good the fit is, I'll kindly concede to taking off my shoe. Anyway it gives me a good excuse to get those damn rocks out of my shoes. I swear 5.10 designs their shoes to catch as many rocks as humanly possible.

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Added a product review for Banshee Legend MKII Frame 11/7/2011 9:24 PM

low CoG makes corning easier


The Good: 1. Low CoG 2. Plenty slack without it being stupid 3. Holds a line but not a plow bike 4. rails corners 5. Ti goodies 6. non-tapered HT 7. easily built under 40lbs 8. swoopy tube free

The Bad: 1. not very poppy off lippy jumps 2. more simple color options

Overall: The bike is in very fun to ride. I've had it for 2 seasons now and have been able to compare it to a few other solid DH frames out there. I can say that the legend out shines many of them.

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Added a product review for Deity Decoy LT Flat Pedal 1/14/2011 8:38 PM

A lightweight antislip option


The Good: I don't slip off of these even with my nikes.

The Bad: People stop you all the time to gawk at the.... prepare to stand around instead of ride.

Overall: Super light, great price point and little amount of slipping. These pedals give you confidence that your groin won't be meeting your top tube anytime soon.

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