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Just ordered a Patrol with a Fox/Shimano build.

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It should ways be judged by the people, à la American Idol.

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I absolutely agree. I'm looking into custom builds because I can't seem to find a frame I like that doesn't come draped in poop. I realize there are tons of people who don't think this stuff is poop but I can't shake the memory of components so unreliable ... more »

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I don't think that works here.

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Less than a week.

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My Covert came spec'd with a 60mm stem so I switched it out for a 45mm stem. I had to switch back because the cockpit felt way too short. I have it a good long try too. My Coverts reach is about 30mm shorter than the Patrol's, though.

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All PNDUBS all the time

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So. Sick.

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hands down winner..

no loam, no berms, no pads...pinned with style to spare..all on a real mtb

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Sweet flick but points lost for biting. Go find your own music. Also, did I miss the bar drag?

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You're right, sort of. This review isn't for the trail version, just straight XO, which replaced my CRs as well as the CR line. Whatever you call them, the levers for these are all the same, including the Trail version. My theory is that the rubber used in the bladder system can't stand up to the DOT fluid. Each time my lever was replaced it was because the bladders were destroyed. I can't speak to the other brakes in the Avid line up but I wouldn't take my chances.

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Avid XO brakes (not trail version)


The Good: Good power and modulations. Good looks. Great when working. Avid replaces without question.

The Bad: Incredibly unreliable.


I bought a bike that came with Elixir CRs. These had a leak at the seals in the caliper before the first bleed. After replacing the seal I bled the brake and the lever developed a leak and would not hold pressure.  The lever leak proved to be the only reliable thing about these brakes.  I replaced them no less then 4 times in a year.  Avid went ahead and did every time  but every time they needed a bleed after 1 or 2 rides then blew a seal during the bleed.

I loved these brakes when they worked but they never seemed to work. I'm 200 lbs and ride mostly steep fast down hill stuff and found these brakes had plenty of power and modulation.  However, I won't be buying Avid brakes again.  I replaced them with XTs and and miss the good looks, adjustability and carbon lever of the XOs but so far the XTs have been just as powerful, quieter and 1000 times more reliable.

Sorry Avid.  I gave you more chances than you deserved.  I'm done.

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2010 Transition Covert


The Good: Solid frame, great angles, solid spec

The Bad: The paint chops too easily.


The Covert has a single pivot linkage driven suspension that feels plush over the rough stuff and helps the bike remain steady at high speeds. I frequently ride this bike on "DH" trails at Sandy Ridge and Cold Creek Mountain Bike area and feel like I can go balls out over the steep, rocky and rooty terrain and am able to pedal through the flat sections.  The bike also pedals uphill pretty well.  It's no XC rocket but it feels comfortable and sure footed when it's time to start earning the turns.  3.5 mile climb to the top of the DH?  OK.  All day trail ride? Count me in.  Drops and jumps?  Yes, please.

My bike came with a 36 TALAS RLC with Fit damper, RP23 shock, Transition Revolution 28 Wheels, DHF Minions front and rear, 750mm Kore bar, 60mm AKA stem,  Reverb Seat Post, Transition TOP saddle, AKA cranks, 9 speed X9 drive train, Transition Stepdown pedals, and Elixir CRs.

The current build:

Stan's Flow EX wheels, Trail Kings 2.4 F, 2.2 R,  780mm Answer Pro Taper bar, 45mm Gravity Light Stem, SLX cranks, 10 Spd XT drive Train, XT brakes w/ 180mm ice tech rotors F and R.  All other details are the same.

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