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Added a product review for Five Ten Hellcat Shoe 8/12/2014 2:47 PM

Good Shoe for DH and #Enduro riding


The Good: Rugged, Sturdy, Supportive, Stiff Sole

The Bad: Heavy, Bulky, Cleat may be too recessed and may not be easy to clip out of with certain pedals (ie Crank Bros. Mallet 3)


I have had these shoes for about a year now and ride them on DH and am/enduro riding. I use the Crank Bros. Mallet 3 pedals and have not tried any other pedals. The shoes are GLUED to this pedal, this can be both good and bad. There are times I need to clip out and cannot, I think this is in part to the pin height on the mallet pedal as well as the deepness of the cleat on the shoe, combined with the stealth rubber, your foot isn't going anywhere. You can significantly lower or remove the pins to remedy this issue, it then is much easier to clip in and out.  The shoe is pretty stiff, and good for pedaling, when you need to. I have had some gnarly wrecks while wearing this shoe and it has seemed to handle them like a tank.

Overall, I would recommend them to people with a gravity focused riding style.

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