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The Spank wheelset is great, but you can get good wheels for wayyyy less than 600$!

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You should probably add "using enduro as a verb" to the what's out in 2015 list...

Race looks fun tho.

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How does it ride? Looking to get one of these but there's this fear at the back of my mind that the 110 rear might be a bit short for all mountain/enduro riding.

Have you had time on a Tallboy LT? Looks like they have very similar geos.

Great looking bike man. Hope I can come up with a similar build.

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the green one, obviously...

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Which one? The green SX or the green SX?

hahaha I kid, I kid :D

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Bike of the Day October 14, 2014!

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Bike of the Day January 6, 2014!

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24 pounds!? Amazing! Great looking bike.

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looking good...

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FST? or FSR?

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Such a great looking bike. I'm planning to build my own 456. But while I'm saving up I'll stare at your build for inspiration. Cheers!

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