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Stoked to see him back in WC's there's so much talent and wisdom to just be making youtube videos. He should be a good leader for a team with a lot of younger talent.

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Took a guess and used "gully" as the password and it worked for me.

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I hope you all read this because it's something of a "fact". I write insurance, some pretty crazy policies too sometimes, and one thing to understand is that THERE IS NO INSURANCE POLICY FOR THIS TYPE OF EVENT!!! Sure, you race a USAC bike race, you get...more

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Get well champ!

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Just out of curiosity, no Binggeli?

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What's the wager? I'm in

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That was written by Ibis when the first gen Ripley came out and was just added to this press release.

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Turman you knocked it out of the park!
well done Vital.

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check out how smooth remi is. his shot around 1:40 has more sounds of chirping birds than bikes. oozing the flow.

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Thank you Vital for great coverage!

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Amazing Doerfling as usual but not so much choice of music...

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Best thing I watched this month!

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Bravo to Vital for asking this "Vital: A lot of today’s design is computer assisted. How often does real life surprise you? Do you discover aspects of a new bike that you weren’t expecting, once you have a prototype in your hands?"

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Damn these Ellsworth bikes are as ugly as village of Glom

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Oh hellz no! They better not close down! They just came out with the 350 NCR which I think is the best fork out there now and the upcoming 350 shock looked to be a great design and price too! Tenneco has always had some really unique and special suspension designs... I hate it when companies give up on...more

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Tenneco is an american company, and indeed they have been battling bankruptcy for years now. It is not a surprise. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise for Marzocchi.

Marzocchis fame and quality went to the ground the year Tenneco bought Marzocchi USA.

I seriously doubt Marzocchi Italy will close.