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I hope you all read this because it's something of a "fact". I write insurance, some pretty crazy policies too sometimes, and one thing to understand is that THERE IS NO INSURANCE POLICY FOR THIS TYPE OF EVENT!!! Sure, you race a USAC bike race, you get...more

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Get well champ!

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Just out of curiosity, no Binggeli?

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What's the wager? I'm in

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That was written by Ibis when the first gen Ripley came out and was just added to this press release.

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Turman you knocked it out of the park!
well done Vital.

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check out how smooth remi is. his shot around 1:40 has more sounds of chirping birds than bikes. oozing the flow.

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Best thing I watched this month!

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Bravo to Vital for asking this "Vital: A lot of today’s design is computer assisted. How often does real life surprise you? Do you discover aspects of a new bike that you weren’t expecting, once you have a prototype in your hands?"

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Damn these Ellsworth bikes are as ugly as village of Glom

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Oh hellz no! They better not close down! They just came out with the 350 NCR which I think is the best fork out there now and the upcoming 350 shock looked to be a great design and price too! Tenneco has always had some really unique and special suspension designs... I hate it when companies give up on...more

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Tenneco is an american company, and indeed they have been battling bankruptcy for years now. It is not a surprise. Perhaps it is a blessing in disguise for Marzocchi.

Marzocchis fame and quality went to the ground the year Tenneco bought Marzocchi USA.

I seriously doubt Marzocchi Italy will close.

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Please at least try and contact a company before posting this sort of thing. The same story has been floated about elsewhere and I'm fairly sure Marzo have said its just their moto range and the mtb side will be unaffected. The last thing they need is for unconfirmed rumours just as the mtb side is...more

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Looks to just be an XC version of HT's X1 pedals.

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A WC Pro, no way. It was way faster that way, did you see how much faster he was into that next left corner?

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Amen stainless chainring(s). Finally a smart company addresses the horrible durability of an alloy single ring in remotely sloppy conditions.