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Greg Minnaar 4:35.80
Rachael Atherton 5:09.50

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Shore Riding


The Good: WIDE! So much leverage, super stiff, awesome bar for someone tall looking for a nice bar, or just wider bars (me)

The Bad: WIDE! Hahaha, I always clip my bars on trees. It certainly keeps you on your toes when you're trying not to break your fingers

Overall: WIDE! Great bar, ergonomics are spot on, very similar backsweep compared to the Gravity 777's.

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1.2 - Wide bars = huge leverage. I have 32" bars and you really should try it 2 - Some people like to stand out, especially if they have sponsors to please. 4 - Flat bars? Really? I'll make the same point as 32" bars, because almost everyone I ride with ... more ยป