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Man, that bike was so horrendous to look at I actually thought this was a parody video or something. Why would Mongoose put this video out? Surely no one watched that video and was like, "Ohhhh yeah, I am gonna put on my tightest t-shirt, let muh gut hang out, and pick me up a Fireball!"

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Isn't an airborne just a blatant copy of a tr450? That probably saves a ton of money not having to do any of your own research and design work too

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The Headtube on the Giant Overdrive 2 is the same as a standard Tapered head tube. They only change the upper headset bearing. You can run a 11/2 11/8 steerer on any Overdrive2 head tube, you just need a standard tapered headset. The headtube is NO DIFFERENT from Overdrive2 and Standard Tapered head tubes, only the upper headset Inner Diameter.

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to defend that case

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Don't miss the Lars and Pedro edition, courtesy of Bryn Atkinson:

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