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Graduate college and get daily shot on the same day! Feeling like Ice Cube right now

Added a comment about video Crossover Challenge: Mastering Corner Speed in MTB and Rally 5/10/2015 4:16 AM

Very cool, a good insight into why MX is such good cross-training for DH too with regards the speed differentials and being able to 'see it coming a lot sooner' when on the bike vs. crosser or rally car.

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YEW I've been checking vital all day waiting for this! Such good stuff, thanks guys!

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Seriously, there's a LOT of bike shops that don't look this good!

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That is so-pro. F1 level.

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Please, please, please, don't ever change this music.

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oh i'm with you, i could watch hours of it too and not be happy. when i get a file from joe, it's like christmas morning. this christmas ended way too quickly haha.

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we will see about that

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Makes you realise how close these guys are in speed , you think of rider X being way faster than another but in reality it's fuck all , if there was a ghost rider video with the top 10 on screen at the same time there would be hardly anything in it.

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HUGE thanks to Sven, Duncan and the team. It was an epic season.

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I'm tired of WC racers complaining about tracks not suiting their skillsets. F*ck off already and adapt. Variety is good, and the guys who come out on top at the end of the season are the ones who can ride everything. I can't believe guys like Hill and Brendan still haven't adapted to pedally tracks...more

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:21. WTH Ratty! So sick.

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many many pivots.

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They're not just a team...they're THE team. Love the shot of Greg in the start-hut...pure stoke.

Liked a comment on the item Jared Graves - DH World Championships, South Africa 9/4/2013 1:53 PM

Thanks for these write-ups Jared, they've been great to read throughout the season. Despite all the photo-journals and videos we as spectators have access to in this day and age, your write-ups have consistently been a highlight of the race-watching experience for me. Your preparation,...more

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I have a request to make for all and/or just one of the Vital MTB photo contributors. There's always talk of how much the course changes during a race weekend at a World Cup. What if one of you was to build a set camera mount a la (I forget which film where...more