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Peaty's fork

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this must be affermative action day for bikes....this thing is pretty gay.

I kid, I kid...looks soo nice man.

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@Ballr, Yeah that is my seat angle for XC. It looks a little more extreme in these photos than it really is. I run all of my saddles nose up, but just slightly. Helps to keep me 'ducks in a row'....

Thanks for the props guys, stoked on how it came out.

@Uncle Cliffy - I want to find a spot to drill on my Trance X Advanced too, but that bike is soo much fun I couldn't live with myself if that cause it to fail. I just run a cable actuated post using the front der cable stops. With less housing it works super smooth and you can run the cable nice and short so it's not too intrusive on your legs.

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