Added a product review for WTB LaserDisc Lite Rear Hub 10/24/2012 1:18 PM

Mostly a good way


The Good: Lasts and lasts Fairly light Quite inexpensive

The Bad: Very soft cassette body


These came on a bike that I purchased in 2009, that previously existed as a demo bike. So, they have been, um, well-loved. I've ridden thousands of miles on them.  I enjoy chunk and rocks, but do not send myself flying into the air.  I rode this hub without doing anything, but spokes started breaking with alarming regularity.  I rebuilt the wheel with new spokes, same hub.  It is still spinning quite smoothly.  I live in the wondrously dry southern California area, so I cannot say much about riding through bogs.

The down side is (and perhaps this is true for all hubs) that the aluminum freehub body gets notched by the cassette.  Removing a cassette is an exercise in patience and willpower, plus having a variety of repurposed tools to remove the cassette.

I will continue to use these into the foreseeable future.

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