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Audi+Gwin sounds hillarious but possible. Honestly with the budget they have, paying a rider like Gwin is neglectable for them.

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The bigger air Chamber of the Debonair would wreck the suspension curve.

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Why should they not have fun on it? It would be very un-pro not to.

Yet, would they buy those with their own money? And ride them regularly?

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Congrats to the new ride! One thing: maybe shorten the Reverb hose, it's lenght is for mounting on the right side. On the left it turns out too long. Still have to do that on mine too.

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Is it only me who is meminded of the well aged Rotec RL9 with Lawill suspension?

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1990 No name Taiwan steel frame with LX stuff (fist bikes are always great) 1992 Principia MacB (that was a real pos!) 1993 Hot Chili German Hardtail (the wildest thing for it's time, yeah) 1998 Yeti Kokopelli Fs (somewhat ok) 2005 Yeti ASX (first bike ... more ยป

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On mine, I use EC44/EC49 with 1.5". Works like a charm.

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Still well macabre dudes! Given the fact that the stuff was used to burn away real people at first. Not X-Box ones.

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