Added a comment about video Squamish Sunshine and Berms 2/24/2016 10:08 AM

That trail looks good !

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Added a comment about video 9 to 5 2/22/2016 11:04 AM

I'll ride before work or at lunch and have a little mud splatter on me but at least it's hidden under my work cloths.

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Added reply in a thread How Far Do You Drive to Ride? 2/22/2016 10:36 AM

25 minutes to an hour for the closer stuff to me. I'm with you Todd, one day pedal to trails...

Added a comment about video Pointers: Hippie Bike Wash 1/12/2016 12:59 PM

I brush off the drive train and wipe the suspension pretty much after every ride. Lube chain roughly every 3-5 rides and only really clean the whole thing a few times a year. And then just wet rags, baby wipes and toothbrush. Never a hose. It stays nice and never takes too much time at once.

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Added a comment about feature WIN A BIRZMAN TRAVEL TOOL BOX & TINY TANKER APOGEE PUMP - Vital OTB, Red Bull Rampage 10/14/2015 11:28 AM

1. Graham Agassiz
2. Andreu Lacondeguy
3. Nico Vink
4. Brett Rheeder
5. Ryan Howard

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Added reply in a thread 2015 Spank Oozy Trail Bars Blue 6/2/2015 1:32 PM


Started new thread 2015 Spank Oozy Trail Bars Blue 6/2/2015 8:02 AM

Like new. Ridden 3 times. The blue color with black graphics look so good but I switched to a different rise/bend. Really nice & solid feeling. Price includes shipping. bends are 4 up and 6 back. 30mm rise. 760 wide. Bar Clamp Diameter: 31.8

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Added a comment about feature Stories: The First Time My Handlebars Fell Off 6/18/2014 1:42 PM

I remember being at the Waterford Oaks BMX national in the mid 80s. The year ESPN was there. I saw some guy in the middle of the pack in a cruiser moto jump the doubles out of the first turn and mid air his front wheel just fell out of the fork. I don't think he was so lucky to just walk away. Loved the JMC i had too!

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Added reply in a thread What Do You Enjoy in Mountain Biking Besides Mountain Biking? 6/2/2014 12:43 PM

Trail Building.

Started new thread BIKE PARTS FOR SALE 4/29/2014 6:19 PM

RaceFace Atlas 2005 All Mountain Black 175mm cranks with silver 2011 Chris King Bottom Bracket. Some shoe rub and scrapes at ends of arms. Middle ring is 2-3 years old. It's 22, 32 and e-thirteen supercharger place of big ring. $170 including ... more »

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Added a comment about feature Win a SRAM X01 DH Drivetrain - Vital OTB 2014 Pietermaritzburg World Cup 4/9/2014 12:29 PM

Gee Atherton 0:03:57.98
Tracey Hannah 0:04:27.22

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Added a product review for Avid G2 Clean Sweep Rotor 3/28/2014 9:40 AM

Avid Rotor


The Good: Simple trouble free rotor. Stays straight as well. I have had it on a dirt jump bike with Hope M4 brakes. have no trouble with this rotor at all. Rotor was used with Avid mechanical brakes before the Hope's. Thought I might need to get a new rotor for M4's but this one has worked great.

The Bad: No issues to speak of.


Nice simple rotor. Can also be a good low cost back-up rotor for travel.

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Added a product review for Race Face Respond DH/AM Stem 3/28/2014 9:31 AM

Great Stiff Stem


The Good: Have had this on my dirt jump bike for 2 years. It's been great. Stiff and solid. Never have to mess with it. I have the white version and it has a durable finish. Black is probably even better. Nice looking stem too. Never worry about, it just works.

The Bad: Maybe a few more length options. nit-picking here, Can't think of a bad thing.


Great stem and would not hesitate to recommend it.

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Added a product review for DT Swiss Competition Spokes 3/28/2014 9:23 AM

Nice Spokes


The Good: Have had them for several years in 2 different wheel sets and have had no problems at all and they have seen a lot of use and some jumps and drops and rough terrain. mine have always been built with brass nipples. I had a third wheel set with straight gauge spokes and I had a bad case and broke several spokes. These seem much tougher.

The Bad: Nothing i can think.


Nice strong spokes i will continue to use and when I get new wheels I will use these spokes again.

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Added a product review for Avid BB5 Disc Brake 3/28/2014 9:15 AM

Average Brakes


The Good: Easy to set up. Once dialed in they work nicely. Lever feels pretty good. Rotor seems fairly strong.

The Bad: Mine would be all set up and work good but it only last a month or so and then they felt terrible. lever pulled to bar and no stopping power. After I would re-set them up they would be good again but only for a short while. Tired new pads but no difference. Might have been cable constantly stretching and maybe should have tried a new cable but ended up just getting something else.


OK basic brake for light use.

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Added a comment about video Half the Nelson, Double the Fun 3/27/2014 6:20 AM

looks so good!

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Added a product review for Intense Tire Systems MK2 Microknobby Tire 3/25/2014 10:12 AM

Fast Rolling Tire


The Good: They are fast and grip great on pavement, concrete, dry hard dirt and wood. I run them at Rays indoor park and have no trouble.

The Bad: Only small issue is stopping. Sometimes on smooth surfaces the brake will lock up the wheel but you'll still slide along a little ways since the overall tire is so smooth.


A cheap, nice fast tire for it's intended purpose.

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Added a product review for Spank Subrosa AM/FR Saddle 3/25/2014 10:04 AM

Spank Seat


The Good: Have been running it for about 3 years on a dirt jump bike. Comfortable to sit on but can't say how it would be on a long AM ride. It still looks almost new and i have the white version. Has survived some crashes at Rays indoor park without any issues.

The Bad: Only thing I can think of is rails are painted and are a little chipped around seat clamp. Very minor cosmetic issue only.


Strong solid seat. I would recommend it to a friend.

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Added a product review for Race Face Atlas Cinch Cranks 3/13/2014 10:11 AM

Race Face Atlas Cranks


The Good: Great super stiff cranks. have been running a set for years that are 3x9 configuration. Have held up to a lot of riding from XC to freeride and lift accessed terrain. Solid feeling and you don't have to think about them at all. just ride.

The Bad: A bit expensive and a little heavy but maybe not a really a bad thing? Have never gotten a long life out of a Race Face bottom bracket.


Nice solid long lasting durable crank set.

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Added a product review for Hadley 20mm Dowhill Front Hub 3/13/2014 10:03 AM

Very Nice Hubs


The Good: Low maintenance durable hubs. Have them on my dirt jump bike and the rear has the same engagement feel as the Kings on my XC bike. Have been great hubs and plan on running them for a long time. Have had zero issues with them and they just work great. They are at the top of my list for future wheel builds.

The Bad: I wish Hadley had a website with all their hub info available.


Great durable long-lasting American made hubs.

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