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Great post given a pretty bad review. "I couldn't get it to work properly and then I read the instructions" Or did you? Duhhh. I can't believe a mechanical engineer had such a hard time getting it right, I've installed a few of these and never an issue, I'm certainly no mechanical engineer either.

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Funniest looking single pivot I've ever seen..

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Thanks man! Slik graphics in the UK did the graphics. Super pro job too, recommend them to anybody!

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Fair enough, I had a custom medium T275c with XX1, ENVE AM wheelset, ENVE Bar, Pike, CCDBa and it was 27.72 with XT pedals. 26 flat seems a stretch to me with that fork. After that custom T275c I had the DVO one with M70's on king hubs, ENVE bar, stem and full X01 and it was 30.14. The bike had a steel coil on it though. Not gonna argue on the quality of the bike though, T275c rules!

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Amazing bike, I'd love to see what it really weighs..

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EMTB's that come from bicycle manufacturers pose no threat to our MTB scene. They are great for older/less capable riders that still want to enjoy the trails but are perhaps not physically able to so anymore. The real threat comes from these: ... more »

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Well Deserved Bike of the day!

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