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Yeah sweet rig! Looks brutally tough.

edit: How do you like your Derby rims?

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HECK YES!!! video embedded for ya

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Chainguides. Your narrow-wide ring isn't that good.
"If you never drop a chain, it's because you suck." - Team Robot

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Hydration pack stays - tools, a tube (never get flats but just in case), wallet, snacks.

Most of the "in" list just made sense. But two stuck out:
1) Consumer direct
2) Mountain biking

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Know what I love about seeing reviews on Vital? The fact that it's on a used bike and not being tested on a $12k rig. Let's us know that the user really knows the bike and knows what to expect when changing a component rather than judging based on riding some hot new super...more

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I died at least 100 times in that video. His speed is so scary fast!

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I heard recently that they are working on sorting out a US distribution plan, so i'd imagine it'll be a lot easier to get a hold of one soon, YT are shooting themselves in the foot at the moment, the US/CAN is a HUGE market that they are not taking full advantage of.

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UGH WHY are these not available in the US yet? I know the reason I was simply lamenting.

This is beautiful....I want one and the Capra!

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1991 Nishiki Ariel 1992 Nishiki Ariel replacement (cracked the other) 1993 Parkpre 925 1995 Parkpre 925 replacement (cracked the other) 1998 K2 Pro Flex 4000 ((Left MTB for 7 years)) 2003 GT i-Drive 1.0 2008 Kona Dawg Supreme (cracked the GT) 2009 Evil ... more ยป

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