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  • C48_1956665_586736174787418_560873782619796928_o
  • C48_1557278_586736118120757_2809381593817950254_o
  • C48_10712600_586735971454105_1538593429261398754_o
  • C48_1798974_586735854787450_2558223905791561247_o
  • C48_1795823_586735794787456_3979123700504512199_o
  • C48_1072262_586735774787458_1469890607821738908_o

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Just think, 5 years ago that was probably a downhill trail.

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Agreed, plus what happens when she runs out of juice on the trail, or you lose connection somehow? I'll stick with a cable. They haven't gotten in my way yet and I'm always in the woods trimming tree branches...

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