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Added a product review for Specialized Pitch Comp Bike 9/5/2013 5:52 PM

All around shredder!


The Good: Nimble, good geometry, pedals like a dream, rips decents

The Bad: flimsy rear end

Overall: I bought a used 2010 bike about 6 months ago and did my own custom build with raceface and sram components. I kept the stock x-fusion shock but upgraded to a Marzocchi 55 to have something a little more beefy up front. The shock has been serving me just fine even without the adjustability that some other shocks on the market have. This bike is awesome! I ride everything from interurban trails with my girlfriend to all mountain to jump trails and even attempted some downhill on it. Overall this bike has taken everything I've been able to throw at it! with the 67 degree head angle this thing just begs to be railed through chunder and whatever else gets in your way. In addition it can still climb like a champ! On technical climbs you don't have to choose the easiest way up, just take the most direct and the bike will do the rest of the work for you. The biggest and only real downfall I have found is in the rear end. Being that the rear axle is a 135 qr it lacks rigidity and it really shows when you rail a corner hard. Wider rims and tires helped a little bit but there is no ignoring it when your pushing the bike to the limits. Overall this bike has been awesome and especially for the price you can't beat it!

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