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Having ridden the V10 a bit and now owning the M16c. The V10 is more of a high speed race machine, plowing through anything and kinda hard to pop, whereas the M16c in the "short" travel setting, is a more playful bike fro those who like to pick their lines with care. In the long travel mode though, it's as much of a locomotive as the V10, plowing through anything in it's path. I do prefer the "short" setting, as it balances the front and rear better and gives me a better all around feel for both some park and racing.

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Definetly my custom built fully-stiff-single-speed-titan/carbon-trail-bike-project, which I built to have some opposition to my fully damped DH and trailbikes. This was back in 2010 and I still miss it, that thing was awesome fun to ride! Sold ... more »
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Love the looks of this. Looks a lot like the setup I'm building, but I've got suspension set up the oher way around with Boxxer fork and Float X2 shock. I need proper tires, wheels and gears here in Norway though. Going to have some grips that doesn't slide off in the mud either. Just weighed mine without tires and it weighed in at 12,3kgs. Add 2,5kgs in some proper rubber though...

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Congrats to Camilo2012, the winner of the Cairns World Cup OTB contest and the RockShox BoXXer World Cup fork!

Of 500 entries, 134 of you correctly guessed that both Loic Bruni and Rachel Atherton would win. Camilo2012’s predictions were off by a combined time of just 3.107 seconds. Nice...more

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Well, thank you.

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My 2015 Norco Range 7.2c

Stock for the most part, size Large, changed stem to 35mm, Conti Trail King tires and CB Mallet DH pedals. My Turner DHR (which is for sale) For full specs, click this link. My Intense M16c frame, which is still missing some parts ... more »
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Trials riders have had similar things for ages. I've played with the idea myself for a long time (since the 90's). I've always thought it would be nice to be able to shift while coasting, because it's not always one can shift while going downhill on ... more »

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Why don't you buy mine?,11243/setup,28437 I'm changing it for a BOS'ed out Antidote Lifeline DH Carbon, full Spank lineup and SRAM/Raceface drivetrain. Haven't decided between Saint, Guide og RO-brakes ... more »
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@Brookstar: Thanks! It's awesome. I'm 173cm tall and my inseam is about 80cm.

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Oh my goodness... Lee Trumpore, Eddie Clark - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for doing this. This is so incredibly beautiful, thoughtful, amazing. Will would be blown away. Thank you for honoring my boy in this way... He loved you guys - this whole...more

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My new Norco Range 7.2c came with 800mm bars, and I've decided to try it out for a month to see how i like it compared to the 760mm I run on my DH-bike and on my previous trail bike (I'm 1,73m. Go metric!). The first couple of rides it felt really weird, but after changing up the controls position it's starting to feel more natural. It's really good on the fast downhills, but feels very wide on technical and slow parts. I'm gonna cut them down to 780mm first, and then maybe 760mm.

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Cool light and light painting, cool StemCapTain and cool bike.

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