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This bike rips...period.


The Good: Suspension design, cornering, weight, finish

The Bad: nada, n/a, nothing

Overall: The suspension designs of Morewood are seriously sweet. I got a bit of time on a Makulu prior to the arrival of my Kalula (see review here: [url],7/Morewood-Bicycles/Makulu,1734[/url]) and was hoping the rear end of the Kalula would feel as incredible as the does. The low leverage ratio makes the rear feel different than many other bikes...they feel super squishy in the parking lot, but you quickly realize on the trail that there is no mushy feeling and basically no pedal bob. The rear of the Kalula is very active feeling. I had to order a softer spring (250) as it came with a 300, which is wild as I'm nearly 200# geared up. The Kalula is super agile and corners like a champ. I've actually never enjoyed the way a bike cornered more that this makes me smile constantly. The Kalula is definitely the little brother to the Makulu and suits my riding style better...more jibby/jumpy and non-racer. It can still hang on full dh tracks, but if you want a race sled, the Makulu is your bike. If you want a bike that can rip the dh track and still kill in the park, the Kalula is the call. Clearly this rig jumps well. And, it's so light and easy to move around, it feels a bit like cheating. I haven't had a chance to weigh this thing yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if it came in somewhere arond 36# without any attempt at chosing weight-saving parts. Overall I couldn't be more stoked...unless I had enough loot sitting around to own a Makulu too. Cheers to Lance and the rest of the doods at Morewood for creating some rad products!

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The Good: Suspension, Stability, Cornering, Speed

The Bad: Nothing...n/a

Overall: Let me begin by stating that I have ridden/owned alot of bikes, always searching for the next best thing...the Makulu is it. The suspension is incredible. The super low leverage allows the rear to feel unlike anything else I've ridden. Although this is a full-on dh race sled with about 40% sag, it doesn't feel mushy as many bikes often do, but at the same time it eats up terrain with ease. My riding style tends to be more jibby and slopestyle-esque, so I generally to do not like dh rigs that feel like plows or monster trucks. While the Makulu has no problem running over anything in your path, it is also nimble enough to allow quick line changes and great manueverability. The bike accelerates incredibly quickly and holds a line with ease. It constantly begs to go faster. The rear is quite stiff, which only adds to the bike's ability to slay corners and retain amazing rear-end traction. I'd also like to echo the previous poster's sentiments about the way the Makulu is better than anything I've ever been on. No pedal bob, at all. This is one of the first things I noticed in the lot on the way to the lift. The Makulu jumps well to boot. After some runs on the dh track, we popped over to a few more jumpy trails and I was stoked at the ease of getting the bike off the ground. This leads back to the greatness of the seems to adjust to your needs without you having to ride differently for different types of terrain. All in all, the Makulu is amazing. That said, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Kalula early next week! Cheers to the guys at Morewood for putting out some amazing products and continuing to improve bike design!

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