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Both the Shaw Brothers are on V10s, 5010s, Jackals, etc. Full Santa Cruz set up. Seemed to work well for Luca at the first WC with an 11th in his first elite race.

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Danny Heart - 3:01:59
Rachel Atherton - 3:38:14

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This needs to be bike of the day....

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I sincerely believe that after Cam retires from bikes, he has a future as a broadcaster or television personality. He's awfully good in front of a camera for someone who has no formal training.

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Shaw brothers are on the new v10 this year.

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Kona just announced their 2015 Gravity team and Connor Fearon said he's there for '15 and '16.

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This pic is from the Windrock, TN race from back in February. In the first post on PB facebook page with the pic of someone signing for Scott Neko's local shop from PA made a comment about being pumped for him (the person signing). I would guess it's ... more ยป

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A "bri" flip? What kind of stupid BS is this? He just tailwhipped his bike at a different angle... I'm down for different variations of tricks because it keeps things interesting but this "world's first" trend is absurd. You don't see people calling a dumped 360 a "hurculean...more

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Should have gone to the Bronson.

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$2200.00 dollar MSRP for a Killswitch without a shock ??? is that on this Planet???

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It says in the article that you would need to use a medium or long cage.

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I have had a pair of the cro mo and ti version of this pedal. When I first got them I loved the shape, size, weight and feel of them. However in less than a years time of use the Cromo version developed quite a bit of play and my titanium version snapped when jumping into the foam pit at the local indoor park. These are suppose to be dh rated and I don't put my equipment through much abuse. Thank goodness they weren't on my dh bike! I know of two other pairs of Cromo versions sold through my local shop that had to be sent back because they fell right off the spindle and broke. It's been over a year and I'm still waiting on my warranty set of ti pedals. They are great while they last though. Lol

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Could I sit on one and have Stevie Smith take me for a ride?

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For what it's worth, the Links were designed as a freeride/dirt jump/slopestyle shoe. They weren't meant to be overly "sticky." The new shoe they were working on was meant to fill that void.

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Skid vs slide wasn't the point. It was about actually laying it over and trying to drag your bar which neither of those are. They were still awesome videos just not really to the point is what I was getting at

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Could you send me the contact info for Vidiom Graphics? Thanks!

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