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Added a product review for 2013 Giant Glory 0 9/14/2013 3:06 AM

...entering pursuit mode


The Good: good geometry (at 176cm body height) good bottom bracket height and chainstay length

The Bad: cabelrouting is a bit funny and cables slaped (noise) against the downtube (is gone since I mounted a rockguard downtube protector)


I got the fram only version - so I can not really tell how good the components are.

The frame itself is the best I got so far. It took me about 2 rides on the freeride in Leogang to get used to it.
After that it was like - wow, that line was not possible before - wow, I went never that fast into that corner before.

I do not think that I ride better (until now ;-) ) but the frame and therefore the bike are easy to understand and do
what I want without a lot of effort for the rider. On the second day I rode it down the DH in Leogang and it was the same
again. It was easier for me to controle the bike and get my lines. Jumping is a piece of cake. The handling of the bike
is really, really nice and helps me to get near "seeable" whips :-)

All in all I really, really like the glory frame and I think it will suit a lot of people. Give it a try :-)

...I love mine

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Added a product review for Shimano M640 Zee Hydraulic Disc Brakes 5/16/2013 1:53 PM

Affordable and really, really good


The Good: After using Avid´s for serveral years and switched to shimano zee and was a fan right after the first ride. Predictable, lot´s of power, good levers, easy to find the right dose of braking, good pricing on rotors and pads' ...bleeding is a piece of cake :-) Updated: so far - no fading

The Bad: the mount for the handlebar is very "solid", but it works well and holds everyhting in place


get one, put in on your bike and never worry about braking again

considering the price and what you get, I would definitly say it´s worth five stars

I gave the brakes a solid 4h hours in Leogang and went down the freeride, downhill and bingo bongo trail´s. The brakes worked very well. Braking-power is predictable and it is easy to find the right dose. In "scary" moments the brakes really help to get out of the situations without a crash.
After some runs on the downhill there was no fading and on some parts the brakes had to do a lot of work as it was my first day on the donwhill in 2013.

I haven´t changed my mind and would recommend the brakes.

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Added a comment about photo KTM Downhill Bike 3/22/2013 4:35 AM

...and the ktb-bikes are the same since more than 5 years with not one single update in the frame design

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Added a comment about press release 4X Protour 2013 Information and Schedule 2/26/2013 4:39 AM

so true - it will take some time to get the uci out of all gravity related disciplines, but it will be worth the wait :-)

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Mt. Biking + racing - UCI = more better.