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...you don't see millions of people around the world posting (and watching) some high school football game clip--that's interesting to the people in that town, but not beyond. But Kelly McGarry making that backflip in the middle-middle-of-nowhere, Utah, or Danny Macaskill riding on top of...more

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I would love for more people to be interested in mountain biking. I'd also love for bikes to be cheaper cause manufacturers can spend less on paying teams (although I think it is questionable that bikes would actually come down in cost), however, I think that downhill is not destined for this kind of audience. In the last few years, downhill mountainbiking has gotten so fun to watch as more cameras and higher-quality images have come in (and a little less-so now that Rob Warner has stopped swearing). But if you think about what really sells to primetime audiences, it's tightly-scripted stadium sports where all the camera angles and outcomes are predictable. It always looks amazing because it is basically the same show over and over. Ad nauseum. Downhilling probably won't ever approach that level of predictability, and that's probably one of the main reasons we like it. Also, there's the "relatability". Most people grow up playing basketball and football, so it's easy for a dude who hasn't run a hundred yards in since high school to spend every weekend "relating" to a game he mostly understands. Even if he's miles away from participating. When they have cyclocross nationals in Boulder, it's kind of the same effect: They get thousands of people to show up and cheer cause there's thousands of people from the front range who relate. Roadies, XC riders, cyclo-crossers who live somewhere between Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. This event wouldn't have the same crowd if it was held in Virgin, Utah. Also, it's a closed-loop event that is 100% accessible to the crowd. It's 1/100th as interesting to me as a downhill event, but that doesn't matter to most of the people there: they don't need a dropper post or a park pass to relate to guys riding road bikes around on grass. Also, beer and cowbells: that's a gimme. I wish downhill would get more attention, it's an exhilarating and (at times) beautiful sport. But it's far from the crowds, and the danger is so far from what most people are comfortable with, that it's destined to remain on the fringe. The reason that a spandex dude and Andreu Lacandegui (sorry) look like the same person to most commercial-watching couch-potato Americans is cause riding a $300 bike down the gravel trail in Valley Forge, PA is just slightly less accessible (to them) than the idea of hucking that ridgeline in Utah. It helps IMMENSELY to have people like Cam McCaul who basically is a straight-up cool dude in person or on the weather channel repping the sport to a wider audience. It also helps a lot to have outlets like Vital who have promoted the sport way past internet obscurity. We have found a niche (albeit a non-lucrative one for most): you don't see millions of people around the world posting (and watching) some high school football game clip--that's interesting to the people in that town, but not beyond. But Kelly McGarry making that backflip in the middle-middle-of-nowhere, Utah, or Danny Macaskill riding on top of rocks on an island...now THAT's something else. I'd be happy to be proven wrong on any point here though!

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Added a comment about photo Sundown at the U.S. National Champs in Angel Fire 8/4/2013 6:23 PM

They should let Jill race the boys! Saw her at sol vista a few years back: very fast, smoother than most of the am men for sure!

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The last time I rode an Ibis was around 2007 in Moab. It struck me as a great pedaling bike and an able all-arounder, but not equivalent to my nomad for trail-pounding and drops. Hats off to you guys for reporting the flaw in the frame / linkage. At $6k a pop, I think that potential buyers would rather know about this ahead of time. IMO Ibis should have worked this out before offering it to the market, but I'm sure they are working it out now.

Good reporting overall. I'm not in the market for a new bike, but your tests are some of the most comprehensive and informative I've seen. When I'm looking for the next rig, I will check back here first. BTW...when are you going to do a DH bike review?!

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Added a comment about video Greg Minnaar, Five Ten Video Premiere and Exclusive Interview 4/22/2013 6:34 PM

love to watch that guy ride! is that a parkin brothers production? something about how those guys film I always love!

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Added a comment about video Exclusive Aaron Gwin Interview, January 17, 2013 1/18/2013 4:03 PM

Good to hear he's getting more support. Honestly, I've never met anyone who prefers a session over a demo. It almost seems unfair to have Gwin on that bike, actually. Well here's to Specialized getting back into the world of winning. Or gwinning...(sorry).

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Added a comment about video Video: Pre-worlds Gwinterview 9/2/2012 8:47 AM

Yknow, I think you'd have to search pretty far to find an athlete as dominant and mellow as gwin is. Personally, I like having both worlds and world cup--it means we get to watch an extra race each year!

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Added a comment about video ONE LAP: Mick Hannah on the Canadian Open DH Course 8/20/2012 7:00 AM

Incredibly smooth. Are there any bumps or is he just that clean of a rider?! Or is the go pro getting better?!

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Hey Shawn, am I permanently SOL trying to look at vital content with an iPhone?

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Added a comment about news blog Val d'Isere World Cup Downhill Results 7/29/2012 5:45 PM

Does anyone know how this result affects the overall standings? Obviously, gwin and atherton are on top, but there should be some shakeup in the rest of the pile.,.uci site is useless and hasnt been updated since July 3rd.

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Added a comment about video Aaron Gwin Helmet Cam Run from Fort William 6/18/2012 4:00 PM

If I were coaching one of the other teams, I'd throw out whatever I thought I was teaching, spend my weekend filming gwin then spend the week after the race teaching my riders to do WHATEVER he did. This kid is a mad genius on a bicycle.

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Added reply in a thread Spy Shots: New Prototype Fox Fork on Atherton Bike 5/28/2012 12:28 PM

could they have increased the stanchion diameter? the fork looks FAT!

Added a comment about video John Cardiel Slaying It 3/18/2012 5:28 AM

Wow! Awesome! I remember the name from back in the day... i hope nothing ever goes wrong for him for the rest of his life. cut from a different cloth, that one...

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Added a comment about news blog 2012 UCI World Cup Pietermaritzburg Downhill Qualifying Results 3/16/2012 8:47 AM

Things I want for World Cup this year:

1. Aaron Gwin winning but not dominating so much. Overall, yes, every race, no.
2. Minnaar up around top with some wins.
3. Young guys continuing to break-in (Ropelato, Brosnan).
4. Hart pulling off another banger run.
5. Gee Atherton getting some mojo back.
6. Surprises from Graves, Hannah, Kintner and / or Peaty.

This qualifier makes it seem like any of those are possible.

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Added a comment about video 17 Questions: Rachel Atherton 2/22/2012 12:32 PM

i stole the chipotle hot sauce too! for a girl though, since i'm a wimp about eating spicy foods!! i hope this video means that the atherton project is back for next year...yes?!

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Added a comment about video D.J. Brandt Fall 2011 12/4/2011 10:32 PM

That video made me wanna say a word i kinda hate...SICK. Your riding is sick, bro! (In a good way!!)

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Josh_Swanke left a comment 11/17/2011 10:39 PM
dude who is this guy