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Added a product review for 2014 Kona Process 153 Bike 2/6/2014 7:44 AM

where have you been all my life!


The Good: Geometry, Handling, Nice wide bars, Pikes, dropper post as standard,

The Bad: Bit wide at the rear, Cranks could be stiffer, monarch RT sealing not as good as fox, KS seatpost not great in mud


Had the bike for 3 months now and every time I ride it just seems to get better!

My medium was 14.5kg with pedals and came with i25 rather than i23 rims as listed

The Bars are nice and wide clutch mech, brakes (with big discs) have worked impressively, grips are nice too, saddle is very comfy, the cranks are ok but they are flexy compared to the frame (can tell when I push on them by hand dont really notice when riding).

Wheels seem great if not the lightest, came already taped for tubeless so just had to add some fluid and valves, HR2 tyres are very grippy and tough, but a bit heavy and draggy on the climbs! They come up big but mud clearance is still reasonable.

The KS dropzone works very nicely, however the lever actuator under the seat has clogged up a few times on very gritty and muddy rides.

The Monarch RT isnt bad the lockout is more of a propedal and it helps on climbs, however after only a hundred km it had to go back for a service and SRAM said it was full of dirty water- never been jet washed but had ridden in a lot of very wet weather, hopefully just a failed seal or something.

The Pikes have been brilliant, needed both tokens to get them progressive enough but very stiff and sit in their travel very well, plush over the small stuff but handle big hits very well and dont dive under braking, the lockout works well but only need it on smooth climbs. (Fox will need to come up with something very good to beat these)

Bike rides really well, its not the fastest climber but not bad, less draggy tyres help a lot, the suspension helps you on technical climbs. Theres hardly any pedal feedback, the suspension feels firm until you need it and on descents it eats up everything. The geometry just works so well, giving loads of confidence hitting big stuff,drops and jumping and the bike feels massively stiff, you really notice it on corners, -it rails them so well. Its a fast bike. Ive done 50k xc epics and days at the bike park. The long top tube, tiny stem, wide bars look odd at first but the short stiff rear is so confidence inspiring just cant help but act like a hooligan every time you ride.

Since getting it Ive added a RF 30t narrow wide ring, hope m4 evo brakes and swapped the tyres out for something less draggy till I hit the alps in the summer! The wide chainstays need some taping up or they will scuff as well. Might look to some lighter wheels and replace the stock cassette with something lighter when it wears out, but even as standard its an excellent package.

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