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Aaron Gwin 2:58.532
Rachel Atherton 3:23.450

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Aaron Gwin 3:30.34
Rachel Atherton 4:01.44

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Added a comment about video Prototype PUSH Fox 34 Conversion Kit 8/14/2013 3:33 AM

When will it be available for purchase?

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Added a comment about video Prototype PUSH Fox 34 Conversion Kit 8/13/2013 11:09 AM

Pls make one for the 29er 140mm TALAS.......please!!!

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Updated bike check kenneth.jonathan.perkins.jr's Santa Cruz 7/9/2013 12:24 AM
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Added a product review for Niterider Pro 3000 Bike Light 10/24/2012 9:00 PM

The Hummer of Lights


The Good: 1. Battery life - Well over 3 hours on 1500/3000 lumens settings. 2. Design is well thought of and the handle bar mount is adjustable to any position one may need. 3. The charger is solid and well designed. 4. Batter case and battery are also rugged and durable. 5. Velcro straps for the battery and cables is also reliable.

The Bad: 1. Battery and battery case could shave some weight. This is the only downside i can think of!


This is a product that is definitely worth buying if you are looking for a high end lighting system and performance to boot! Most users will find that the 1500 lumens setting is more than enough but when you need it, the 3000 Lumens will blow you away and light up the trails! Usually my buddies save on their batteries because I'm lighting the trail for them when I'm riding behind the pack.

Would not buy any other lighting system as I wont be able to accept anything less than Nite Rider quality and performance!

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Added a product review for Turner DHR Frame 12/27/2011 11:15 PM

A Great Year with the DHR


The Good: Finishing quality on the frame is comparable to none, it was spot on perfect. Except for the minor issue they had with the first batch with the gusset on the head tube. Other than that, the Turner Customer Service has always been helpful and have been helping me out without delays and problems. And please take note I'm from Malaysia, not US or Canada. Yet still they were helpful and fast with the reply. Ride characteristic: This bike will take you to another level, it is unforgiving and yet playful. I have been riding with a 61 Deg head angle and it has been a blast on the steeps. But still with a flat handle bar, body position is necessary since the rear end is very progressive and doesn't use up its travel like other DH bikes so quickly. But with aggressive riders, this will not be an issue. This bike like to be punished, and push to the limits. Railing corners is a dream, jumps and drops become non-existent, just let her rip. Definitely recommend this bike to anyone looking for a new bike for 2012. Don't miss out on this super DH rig. It's not a featherweight frame but it will take the abuse without worries.

The Bad: Only one issue that i had is the bearings getting wet after washing. Would suggest for better bearing sealing for tropical countries with wet riding conditions.

Overall: Never regretted buying frames from Turner and will always stick with the best bike company out there!

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Hey Santa, look what i got you!! Now you got a chance to beat the crap out of that kid Sam!!!

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Added a product review for 2012 Turner DHR Bike 5/15/2011 5:42 AM

DHR Review


The Good: Good pedaling platform, neutral feeling, head angle is spot on, fast and stable. Definitely a different bike from the previous DHR.

The Bad: None i can think of so far after ridden the bike for a year now. Maybe i will find one when i try to install the CCDB Air Shock later down the road.

Overall: Definitely a great frame even though a little pricy but worth every penny.

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