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The new ones might be over at the Fox truck

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I check tire pressure nearly before every longer ride, fork and shock pressure once a week or so (normally ride 4 times a week). Lube the chain and check bolts around twice a week. Do a complete bikecheck once a monthe or before every race. A complete ... more ยป

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Gee Atherton: 3:58.99
Rachel Atherton: 4:31:13

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Best: 1.Canyon Strive AL 9.0 race 2.Shimano U10 Backpack (christmas Gift!) 3.GoPro Hero3 silver edition 4.Oakley Split Jacket 5.Pro Atherton Star Series Grips Worst: 1.Specialized CO2 inflator Don't really have anything else..

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pretty funny that Gwin can just ride Fox just because he wants to do so, even though Troy is still on RockShox

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