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My indoor and outdoor set ups. ... more »
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Actually a super fun course (except for the crazy pedal section). I did it back in '95 and there was still tons of snow on the mountain. They had to cut a channel down the course with this monster snow blower. Left 10' snow walls on each side at some parts. Felt like I was in Tron. Good to see it back. Not everything has to be super technical to be fun. Lots of history with that place! Freaky going that fast too! I remember we all rushed the start at practice and there were about 20 guys going down at the same time. Super dusty Days of Thunder like.

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Brenda. Haha

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Hmmm I must be getting old. Lopes at the event but not racing the DS and Eric Carter fails to even qualify....
edit: Word up to Kirt Voreis though for keeping it real!

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Such a fun race (although one killer flat section near the bottom)! They need to hold it again just to mix things up.

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Great read! Thanks Vital! People using the word dampening while trying to be all technical sounding makes me insane...haha

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"Parakeet" always rocked the craziest Dainese gear. He wore that stuff before anyone else knew what it was! Pretty fast little dude. I watched him make a lady at race registration cry at the Big Bear World Cup in like '95 because our race licenses were ... more »

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Top half of chainguide is a Mr Dirt no?

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Wow, you know you are getting old when there are only a handful of riders with '70's birthdays....Peaty could have drove Hart's parents to the hospital for his birth....LOL. Cedric could have podiumed if he would keep the bike on the ground and keep some of the style in check!

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Yeah, stuff like that is great! I would have rocked them though...haha

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